Rose color dandy: March 8, 2017 broadcast

[movie] "shin Godzilla"

Hobby book, CD, DVD movie

We draw state that Japanese Government confronts for Godzilla which appeared in Tokyo Bay suddenly
Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, 328 luxurious casts formation including Satomi Ishihara in all are attractive, too

Class "shin Godzilla" Blu-ray2 piece
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 release
4,800 yen + tax
Sales agency, sales agency: TOHO


Rose color dandy: December 9, 2015 broadcast

Real drift RC "drift package nano"


◆Real drift RC "drift package nano"

・The second "drift package nano" of TOMY drift RC continuing to "drift package light" which makes collaboration with RC maker "Yokomo" which is the first runner of drift RC, and recorded release, smash hit in 2008
・Great admiration is now on sale than TOMY!

Rose color dandy: January 22, 2015 broadcast

Dharma who looks very much alike of victory prayer


◆Production sales agency: mayu
◆Price: 4,800 yen

Rose color dandy: December 17, 2014 broadcast

Land and water sky RC

Hobby game

Land and water sky RC Ann limited red / land and water sky RC Ann limited blue

Radio control car which completely conquers Wednesday, the land, the sky in body of only 50g

Retail price desired: 9,250 yen (tax-excluded)

Great admiration is now on sale from TOMY!

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