Rose color dandy: March 8, 2017 broadcast

[movie] "shin Godzilla"

Hobby book, CD, DVD movie

We draw state that Japanese Government confronts for Godzilla which appeared in Tokyo Bay suddenly
Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, 328 luxurious casts formation including Satomi Ishihara in all are attractive, too

Class "shin Godzilla" Blu-ray2 piece
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 release
4,800 yen + tax
Sales agency, sales agency: TOHO


Rose color dandy: January 11, 2017 broadcast

[movie] "Guys who are the worst in Japan"

Book, CD, DVD movie

Work about "Inaba case" called "Japan Police history greatest disgraceful affair" which rose in the Hokkaido Police in 2002
Main character is tainted with evil for score income and is smart…

■Director: Kazuya Shiraishi
■The original: ineyokei* "disgrace north sea Hokkaido Prefectural Police corrupt confession of detective"
■The lead: Go Ayano

Under Blu-ray & DVD favorable reception release & rental
○Price: Blu-ray 4, 700 yen DVD 3, 800 yen
○Sales agency: Culture publishers


Rose color dandy: July 14, 2016 broadcast

[book] "Corporate coaching" (bottom)

Book, CD, DVD

Surprising leader theory who doubled profit 756

■Sale date: July 30, 2016
■Author: Hideto Tomabechi
■The list price: 1,000 yen (+ tax)
■Publishing company: Reclamation company


Rose color dandy: June 1, 2016 broadcast

[Blu-ray] "Jacques Becker Blu-ray twin Pac-Man"

Book, CD, DVD movie

■Collecting title:

"Touchez pas au Grisbi"
Casts: Jean Gabin / Rene Dally / Jeanne Moreau others
Director: Jacques Becker
Script: Jacques Becker others
The original: Albert Simonin "Touchez pas au Grisbi"

Artist: Jean kerodi
Casts: Jean kerodi / Philip rurowa / Michel constantan others
Director: Jacques Becker
Script: Jacques Becker others
The original: Jose Giovanni "hole"

■Sale date: It is going to release on Friday, June 24
■Price: 6, 800 yen (tax-excluded)
■Sales agency: The eye Vee sea

Rose color dandy: May 13, 2016 broadcast

[book] "Japanese may not have sex anymore"

Book, CD, DVD

Despair - - to sexual intercourse to spread over Japan.
What is there in background of "sexual intercourse is messy"?

■Author :Reiko Yuyama, Nimura Hitoshi
■The list price :1, 500 yen + tax
■Sale date: May 12, 2016
■Publishing company: Illusion winter building
■Size of a book : 4-6
■ISBN :9784344029347


Rose color dandy: May 5, 2016 broadcast

[book] "Let's go for it!"

Book, CD, DVD

Actor, Masayuki Imai who died suddenly in May, 2015.
The posture to face each other for colon cancer stage IV becomes big topic and will greatly raise social interest in himself and way of life.
Generally we put the remark had for picture record that we cannot mention, and this book sends passion that we bet on dream of man who continued being actor to the death, thought to single-minded play, courage that we continue challenging to photograph with figure in past days when there remained.

The list price :1, 000 yen + tax
Sale date: May 12, 2016
Publishing company: Iwanami Shoten
Appearance :Twelvemo, average quality, cover, page 96
ISBN :978-4-00-025666-7 C0095

Rose color dandy: April 21, 2016 broadcast

[book] "How to make mathematics brains enabling all for person of mathematicsphobia"

Book, CD, DVD

Author  : Hideto Tomabechi
The list price  : 1,500 yen + tax
Issue day : April 23, 2016
Publishing company : Business company
Size : Book
Pages: 187
ISBN cord: 9784828418780

Rose color dandy: March 28, 2016 broadcast

[book] To "men whom mother who never loved was able to never love"

Book, CD, DVD

◆"We do not understand love well".
Well, I who have not been loved even by mother,
Is there not reason to have you love from man?
We are injured when it approaches. We injure back when injured.
Only mother is already enough for such a relationship.
— Crime of mother spelled in Tono nagikoga body and soul, mistake of my love.

March 27, 2016 library

・Author: Tono nagiko
・The list price: 529 yen (tax-included)
・Publishing company: Shinchosha (library)

Rose color dandy: March 15, 2016 broadcast


Book, CD, DVD

It is now on sale than universal music!

Rose color dandy: March 7, 2016 broadcast

[book] "Woman is polished" the Anna Umemiya's first essay book at "one time"

Book, CD, DVD

◆Newly written work essay which introduces that we work as single mother about everyday small custom and fashion which Anna Umemiya balancing motherhood keeps in mind every day, life with one daughter through various difficulty.

・Sale date: February 09, 2016
・Author: Anna Umemiya
・The list price: 648 yen (tax-included)
・Publishing company: We pass among KADOKAWA/ and publish

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