Rose color dandy: June 1, 2016 broadcast

[liquor] Awamori "Zanpa citron sparkling"


"Mond selection" gold medal Ryukyu Awamori "Zanpa"-based first Japanese sparkling Awamori which we won
It features refreshing flavor of citron from Kitagawa-mura, Kochi

■Price: 275 ml of 324 yen (tax-included)

Rose color dandy: May 25, 2016 broadcast

Limited brewing beer "summit beer 2016"


◆Limited brewing beer "summit beer 2016"

・We release limited brewing beer "summit beer 2016" to only welcome summit holding in hometown as craft beer maker representing one Mie, and to heap up in Shima, Ise

・Individual fragrance that is spicy, and is slightly sweet that is described saying "it is like onion" features hop having kind name called, "SUMMIT" (summit)

・In moderate depth and taste to combine seven kinds of malt for participation seven countries (G7), and to harmonize with fragrance of "SUMMIT" hop and comfortable bitterness worth drinking.

Rose color dandy: May 19, 2016 broadcast

[liquor] Japanese true stiffness "kinusara"


First Japanese domestic true stiffness that Japanese craftsman whom we studied in home Korea made
It features refreshing acidity and fruity fragrance with silky eminent drinkability

■Price: 500 ml of 864 yen (tax-included)

Rose color dandy: May 13, 2016 broadcast

[book] "Japanese may not have sex anymore"

Book, CD, DVD

Despair - - to sexual intercourse to spread over Japan.
What is there in background of "sexual intercourse is messy"?

■Author :Reiko Yuyama, Hitoshi Nimura
■The list price :1, 500 yen + tax
■Sale date: May 12, 2016
■Publishing company: Illusion winter building
■Size of a book : 4-6
■ISBN :9784344029347

Homepage: html

Rose color dandy: May 11, 2016 broadcast

[liquor] Sake "popular one RiceMagic sparkling pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice"


We win gold medal in "sake Award 2013 which is delicious with wineglass"!
Sake characterized by sweetness, acidity that grows on, and rice and rice are chisels in bottle, and lets you ferment, and is natural

■Price: 300 ml of 823 yen (tax-included)

Rose color dandy: May 6, 2016 broadcast

[performance show] WIPE UP! [the Tokyo Skytree]


Show that performer dressed like dustman fused with projection mapping

■Holding place: Tokyo Skytree sky wish deck floor 350
      "SKYTREE ROUND THEATER" (Sky Tree round theater)
■Holding time: It varies according to season, day.
      (we hold three times in every day until May 31)

Tobu Sky Tree line "Tokyo Sky Tree Station" or each line "Oshiage (in front of Sky Tree) station"

Homepage: html

Rose color dandy: May 6, 2016 broadcast

[fashion] hanaafu


Bag brand from Japan unfolding in the world.
Shop opens in Shinjuku Marui on Sunday, May 8.

■Shinjuku Marui Main Building hanaafu shop
 A 3-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station Toko

Rose color dandy: May 5, 2016 broadcast

[movie] "Over there ~ of hand otsunaidekaerouyo - Shangri-La"


◆[movie] "Over there ~ of hand otsunaidekaerouyo - Shangri-La"

●Saturday, May 28 Daiba CINEMA MEDIAGE other; national extended special first-run showing

●Plan, script: Masayuki Imai

●Casts: Jiei Kabira, violet, seven seas, LiLiCo et al.

To live; with death with parent with friend with love in between H and money that is important; ...
Writer, Masayuki Imai pose solid theme called live energy and "life and death" such as samsara through main character, Masato living in now with given ability hard


Rose color dandy: May 5, 2016 broadcast

[book] "Let's go for it!"

Book, CD, DVD

Actor, Masayuki Imai who died suddenly in May, 2015.
The posture to face each other for colon cancer stage IV becomes big topic and will greatly raise social interest in himself and way of life.
Generally we put the remark had for picture record that we cannot mention, and this book sends passion that we bet on dream of man who continued being actor to the death, thought to single-minded play, courage that we continue challenging to photograph with figure in past days when there remained.

The list price :1, 000 yen + tax
Sale date: May 12, 2016
Publishing company: Iwanami Shoten
Appearance :Twelvemo, average quality, .96 pages of covers
ISBN :978-4-00-025666-7 C0095

Rose color dandy: April 21, 2016 broadcast

[book] "How to make mathematics brains enabling all for person of mathematicsphobia"

Book, CD, DVD

Author  : Hideto Tomabechi
The list price  : 1,500 yen + tax
Issue day : April 23, 2016
Publishing company : Business company
Size : Book
Pages: 187
ISBN cord: 9784828418780

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