Rose color dandy: March 28, 2016 broadcast

[book] To "men whom mother who never loved was able to never love"

Book, CD, DVD

◆"We do not understand love well".
Well, I who have not been loved even by mother,
Is there not reason to have you love from man?
We are injured when it approaches. We injure back when injured.
Only mother is already enough for such a relationship.
— Crime of mother spelled in Tono nagikoga body and soul, mistake of my love.

March 27, 2016 library

・Author: Tono nagiko
・The list price: 529 yen (tax-included)
・Publishing company: Shinchosha (library)

Rose color dandy: March 15, 2016 broadcast


Book, CD, DVD

It is now on sale than universal music!

Rose color dandy: March 14, 2016 broadcast

SG51 time boat race classical music


Period: 3/16 - 3/21
Holding place: Boat race Heiwajima

[we broadcast in TOKYO MX and are decided!]
3/16 16:00 - 1654 (dream war)
3/20 16:00 - 1654 (associate A war)

Rose color dandy: March 9, 2016 broadcast

pomeriburyutto royal


◆"pomeriburyutto royal"

●We win blue ribbon in pomerisutairushampanyumasutazu 2015 which inherited tradition of first-ever dry champagne

Sparkle which was full of life with light yellow tinged with green.
Fragrance such as citrus fruits and white flower gives softness, and hint of smaller red fruit is felt.
Impression with generally fresh feeling.
Taste is refined and can enjoy lively feeling and harmony of elegance.

Rose color dandy: March 8, 2016 broadcast

Smoked pot IH


Reference marker price: 6, 150 yen

Shinfuji burner

Rose color dandy: March 7, 2016 broadcast

[book] "Woman is polished" the Anna Umemiya's first essay book at "one time"

Book, CD, DVD

◆Newly written work essay which introduces that we work as single mother about everyday small custom and fashion which Anna Umemiya balancing motherhood keeps in mind every day, life with one daughter through various difficulty.

・Sale date: February 09, 2016
・Author: Anna Umemiya
・The list price: 648 yen (tax-included)
・Publishing company: We pass among KADOKAWA/ and publish

Rose color dandy: March 4, 2016 broadcast

Hippopotamus orchid single malt whiskey soloist vinyo


◆With "world whiskey award (WWA) 2015," we win world best single malt whiskey.
Masterpiece which technology and harmony of art to add collection technology after naturally drying for two years in car brewing factory, and to use white oak barrel which had the history of world various highest grade wine storages chosen by chief blender for storage, the aging of whiskey, and to express unique, delicate flavor of VINHO characteristic brought about.

Rose color dandy: March 2, 2016 broadcast

[movie] "GONIN" series

Book, CD, DVD movie

Director: Takashi Ishii
Sales agency: Shochiku home video
Under DVD & Blu-ray release

Director: Takashi Ishii
Sales agency: Shochiku home video
Under DVD & Blu-ray release

"GONIN saga"
Director: Takashi Ishii
Sales agency: Shochiku home video
It is going to release on DVD & Blu-ray March 25, 2016

Rose color dandy: February 26, 2016 broadcast

[movie] "Birth of Batman vs. Superman justice"


◆The latest picture of "birth of Batman vs. Superman justice" released movie
 Batman which is human being prevents punch of Superman with supernatural power

●Special first-run showing national on Friday, March 25
 3D/2D/IMAX plan

●Director: Rucksack Schneider

Rose color dandy: February 26, 2016 broadcast

[movie] "heitofuru eight"


◆[movie] "heitofuru eight"

●Special first-run showing national on Saturday, March 26

●Script / director: Quentin Tarantino

●"Lie" and "lie" to clash
 Unexpected "truth" to appear before long -.
 Who is it to survive?

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