Rose color dandy: December 17, 2015 broadcast

Hanajima of jewel clock glasses


Company name
English company name
Hanajima Corp.
Main business outline
The import of jewels

Manufacturing of jewelry and

Sale such as jewelry, clock, glasses
The head office location

7-11-3, Matsue, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
The establishment date
October 20, 1957

Address: 7-11-3, Matsue, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo


Rose color dandy: December 16, 2015 broadcast

THE WATCH SHOP. Diversity plaza


◆THE WATCH SHOP. Diversity plaza
・Experience-based clock shop of new sense.
・"The BEST Shinjuku head office," there is "THE WATCH SHOP. Granz Lee Musashikosugi" elsewhere.

Rose color dandy: December 16, 2015 broadcast

Red Brest 15 years


Straight Irishman whiskey characterized by body which did well because we used sherry barrel for the distillation, the aging in single pot still.
Mellow taste by non-till Phil terdoh (it cools off and does not filter) and one article that can thoroughly enjoy maturational feeling by the aging for 15 years.

Rose color dandy: December 14, 2015 broadcast

[the stage] "Honganji"

The stage

[the stage] "Honganji"
・Star ★Theater produce.
・Possess "in Nobunaga Oda and Nobunaga proud of great popularity in Japanese history; grudge of" Masakado Taira moving, Ishiyama Honganji, kennyo (kennyo), kyonyo (kyonyo) standing in the way there, general, Yoshiaki Ashikaga who, besides, acts secretly in shade, ferocious animal, Shingen Takeda of war-torn country, gun employing mercenaries group, Saiga a large number of people…We draw each justice and chaos's way of life to bloom in profusion in chaotic times vividly and spin story that has not been ever expressed.
[script] Eisaku Saito
[direction] Wally Kioroshi 
[title] Purple ship 
[clothes] Yuma Koshino
[casts] jinnaikosokushikawakyu*jisuikakishohoshiwako others

Under ticket release!

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[movie] "Moment when there were Dean, you"


◆[movie] "Moment when there were Dean, you"

・Actor Dain dehan attracting attention in ameijingu Spider-Man 2 "chronicles" plays James Dean just before death; drama about trip and the friendship for two weeks with genius photographer Dennis Stock of LIFE.
・Director: Anton Corbin
・Distribution: GAGA

・Theater Pub. Date December 19, 2015

Rose color dandy: December 10, 2015 broadcast

"Mitsui Shopping Park La La Port Tachikawa Tachihi"


◆"Mitsui Shopping Park La La Port Tachikawa Tachihi"
・Thursday, December 10 grand opening.
・"La La Port" which opening-like view and green moisture, city sense harmonize is born.

Rose color dandy: December 9, 2015 broadcast

Real drift RC "drift package nano"


◆Real drift RC "drift package nano"

・The second "drift package nano" of TAKARA TOMY drift RC continuing to "drift package light" which makes collaboration with RC maker "Yokomo" which is the first runner of drift RC, and recorded release, smash hit in 2008
・Great admiration is now on sale than TAKARA TOMY!

Rose color dandy: December 9, 2015 broadcast

Purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice "shosankon"


Refined fragrance and taste of rice that aroused Nishiki, Yamada of zoko*bei carefully are liquor during meal that taste that harmonized is rich in neatly.
We shined with the Japanese first place in the Japan's biggest sake model review society [SAKE COMPETITION2015] in 2015.

Rose color dandy: December 8, 2015 broadcast

[movie] Carol 


◆[movie] Carol 
・Rooney Mara of "woman of dragon tattoo" plays with Cate Blanchett of "blue jasmine"; is love drama about beautiful love between women on the stage of New York in the 1950s. Todd Haynes director filmized bestseller novel "the price of salt" which American woman writer Patricia Highsmith to be known to for "Plein Soleil" announced in 52 "far away from Eden".
Director: Todd Haynes
Distribution: Phantom Film
Theater Pub. Date February 11, 2016

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Carousel Maki "autobiography" "passage of drunk woman trip"

Book, CD, DVD

Carousel Maki "autobiography" "passage of drunk woman trip"
◆Publishing company: Financial world Sapporo
◆The list price: 1, 500 yen + tax

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