Rose color dandy: November 8, 2015 broadcast

[movie] Awakening of Star Wars / force


◆[movie] Awakening of Star Wars force

・Series the seventh work of monumental achievement "Star Wars" of SF film which produces after an interval of ten years after new three copies product was concluded with "Star Wars episode 3 cis no revenge" of 2005, and is released. Chapter 1 of three copies of new products said to that it is drawn the most last chapter of three copies of original products on the stage of approximately 30 years later by "the return of Jedai."
・Director: J, J Abrams
・Production: Kathleen Kennedy, J J Abrams, Brian Burk
・Production total conduct: Tommy Harper
・Distribution: Disney
・Theater Pub. Date December 18, 2015

Rose color dandy: November 4, 2015 broadcast

[popular ranking TOP5] "Drunkard movie special feature"

Book, CD, DVD movie

●[popular ranking TOP5] "Drunkard movie special feature"

"Drunkenness fist" (we rank doh as monkey)
・Sales agency: Sony Pictures entertainment
・Under Blu-ray/DVD release

"Independence day"
・Sales agency: 20th Century Fox home entertainment Japan
・Under Blu-ray/DVD release

"Waal end / drunkard saves the world!"
・Sales agency: NBC universal entertainment Japan
・Under Blu-ray/DVD release

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"
・Sales agency: Paramount home entertainment Japan
・Under Blu-ray/DVD release

"Hangover! "
・Sales agency: Warner home video
・Under Blu-ray/DVD release

Rose color dandy: November 4, 2015 broadcast

[movie] "Totter of the wasteland"

Book, CD, DVD movie

◆Recommended drunkard movie "totter << drinking a lot edition >> of the wasteland"

・Casts: Donald purezansu, Gary bond, Tips Rafferty
・Director: Ted Kotcheff
・Sales agency: King record
・Under DVD & Blu-ray release

Rose color dandy: November 4, 2015 broadcast

Real wheat shochu 0, Takachiho


●Real wheat shochu 0, Takachiho
Strongly pure fragrance of wheat splitting open easily at moment when we took in mouth.
Soft taste that is carried from tongue to which depths smoothly.
Like bell, it features lingering sound which gradually sounds.
2015 Winning alcoholic beverages contest, shochu section first place grand prize national in spring (blue ribbon, receiving a prize in the second continuation)

Rose color dandy: November 3, 2015 broadcast

[the stage] The 120th anniversary of the foundation of Shochiku supermarket Kabuki II "dress"

Stage art

◆The 120th anniversary of the foundation of Shochiku supermarket Kabuki II "dress"
2015 (the 70th) Agency for Cultural Affairs art festival participation performance

・Screening period: From Wednesday, October 7, 2015 to Wednesday, November 25
・The suspension of the performance: Friday, October 16, 28th Wednesday, Friday, November 6, 16th Monday
・Under ticket release

Rose color dandy: October 30, 2015 broadcast

[movie] "Good-bye"


◆[movie] "Good-bye"

We are announced in dramatist, Hirata oriza and collaboration with Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University's professor, ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro special research institute honorary member director) of robot researcher in 2010, and new star, Manager Koji Fukada of "warm reception" "Hajime child of the bank" deals with script, and robot drama that unique view of the world that robot acts in the same play with real fresh-and-blood actor attracted attention of at home and abroad filmizes "good-bye". 11/21 whole country special first-run showing.

・Director: Koji Fukada
・The original: Hirata oriza
・Script: Koji Fukada

Rose color dandy: October 28, 2015 broadcast




Liquor rice which birth is old, and there is from the Edo era.
We are admired equally with Yamada Nishiki located at the highest peak.
It features gorgeous fragrance to spread in mouth.

Rose color dandy: October 27, 2015 broadcast

[movie] Kings man


[movie] Kings man
◆The Colin Firth lead who won Academy Award in "The King's Speech", spy action with the Manager Matthew Vaughn & Mark Miller original of "kick ass."
It is high-quality suit shop, but, in fact, farce plays the world's strongest main character Harry heart to play an active part in spy organization "Kings man", and nova taron egaton plays the part of eguji of young spy asking Harry for teaching officially.
In addition, Michael Caine, mark Strong, Samuel L Jackson and others act in the same play.
◆September 11, 2015 theater exhibition 


Rose color dandy: October 26, 2015 broadcast

One of the world's largest sake event "JOY OF SAKE TOKYO"


Sake of 391 brands and famous restaurant of each places of the whole country provide original menu matching sake.

◆The date and time: Thursday, November 5 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00
◆Place: Gotanda TOC building
◆Advance sale: 8,500 yen

Rose color dandy: October 23, 2015 broadcast

[magazine] Mr.Babe (Mr. Babe)

Book, CD, DVD fashion

[magazine] Mr.Babe (Mr. Babe)
◆Fashion & lifestyle for "chubby men" for around 30 generation launched on October 26.