Sea and private supplementary school in Tokyo that sells, Japan

The sea and Japanese private supplementary school which sells
One warm welcome that wants to learn person who has not handled fish, right way of judging!
Cooking class holding to be able to learn right how to handle fish, grated one, cooking in three hours!

★It is recommended to such a person!
・We master fish dishes and want to upload femininity.
・We want to handle fish in camping and BBQ.
・We want to increase repertories of dishes.
・We want to enjoy dishes by friend and family.
・We want to let child have a wide experience.

Have you not thought fish which you caught, fish which you bought to be, "we should be open and straightforward by own hand"?
We hold cooking class "handling fish" in response to your such request!
Even as for the Hattori nourishment technical school that lecturers have not handled fish
We support well and cook and receive practical training.

Even personal participation is welcome by participation in pair!

Well, we participate in selling private supplementary school, and let's aim at open and straightforward boy, open and straightforward girl!
We look forward to your application!

■Event summary

[place] Hattori nourishment technical school
[the date and time] Sunday, October 1 from 10:00 to 13:00 (take 9:30-)
[capacity] 20 people
[entrance fee] Free of charge
※Please bring apron respectively.
※Target age should be 10 years old or more to treat kitchen knife.


[09:30] Acceptance start
[from 10:00 to 10:05] Explanation including greetings, instructions
[from 10:05 to 11:00] Cooking demonstration
[from 11:00 to 12:30] Training, sampling
[from 12:30 to 13:00] Clearing, dissolution


Mr. Tatsuo Nishizawa (Hattori nourishment technical school Japanese food lecturer)
We are interested in "meal" and enter Hattori nourishment technical school since childhood. We know splendor of Japanese food and come to study under Tokyo good omen after the graduation. We are in charge of Japanese food of Hattori nourishment technical school after study of 12 years.
Consecutive telenovel "Amachan" of NHK morning makes an effort for Japanese food spread activity in foreign countries other than cooking instruction to student to tell with splendor of dishes instruction of information program "asa ichi" and food culture in Japan.

■Menu of kind and dishes of fish to handle

[kind of fish]
・Horse mackerel (horse mackerel)
[menu of dishes]
・Fried horse mackerel
・Horse mackerel notsumire stew


The sea and the Nihon Project in TOKYO secretariat
03-5213-3250 (weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00)
※Please bear transportation expenses.
※On the day there is possibility that coverage enters. Recording, material which photographed our the program and public information document,
 We use in the sea and Nihon Project HP.
 Please understand.
※Monday, September 25 will inform person having you participate.
[the application deadline] Sunday, September 24

■Related information

Sea and Nihon Project

We carry out this project as part of "sea and Nihon Project" which Japanese foundation promotes.

Project to sell in Japan

We send information of "project to sell planning private supplementary school in Japan".

Channel which sells

We deliver video handling fish with exclusive channel of You Tube.

Acceptance was finished.