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Animation of culture on behalf of curry which continues being loved as national staple and Japan.
"Animation enthusiast has quite many people liking curry…Inspection of urban legend-like rumor called "
Series to challenge in presentation battle form.

We put up hurdle by broadcast more in the last time, and "costume play" beautiful women handcraft curry of title
Anyway, special episode which talks about "we like" hot, and battles each other.
This time is extra number because of favorable reception!

Victory or defeat of battle is familiar!
Mr. hot opinion turn, Takehisa Inoue which is expert of curry is judge from every accuracy.
In addition, we give program exquisite depth by warm follow about curry.

It is extra number of favorite dish combo to give in the middle of the night!


Takehisa Inoue

Progress / opinion turn
Takehisa Inoue

Hino Reika

Cosplayer / professional reciter
Hino Reika

Machi Kiyose

Cosplayer / professional reciter
Machi Kiyose


[CV]Natsuko Hara

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