Festival ~| of the beauty of art stage - painters Information program

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M Cass-adaptive program
"Festival ... of the beauty of art stage - painters" which performed broadcast launch in April, 2014 finally entered in the fifth year.
We renew contents in this in ki.
As navigator, Glover of musician & DJ comes up.
We introduce the highlight before start of masterpiece corner and send exhibition information in conjunction with masterpiece corner and work which we took up, episode about painter in audience glance in "art stage Information". Furthermore, "art stage Information" increases Hisashi Fuji acting as the art supervision and tells about topic that is unknown episode and trivia.
"Festival ... of the beauty of art stage - painters" is program which you can enjoy to wide art fan.

Art stage Information

Bad PARTII of Edo
Ota memory Museum
2018.06.30 broadcast
How did Louvre exhibition portrait art - - person express person?
National Art Center, Tokyo
2018.06.02 broadcast
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The staff

The art supervision: Hisashi Fuji

Real name Yoshihisa Endo. November 19, 1940, Nishiazabu, Tokyo birth. Picture writer, art contents producer. I see. sea chairperson. Director of general Japan art academy. After graduating from Chuo University French literature department, we establish picture production company through office worker. We negotiate with overseas celebrity Museum such as the Louvre, purado, Hermitage directly and photograph main possession work with hi-vision picture. "World art museum" (all video 18 volumes. It releases laser disc, DVD version as) later in 1991. We win favorable reception to aesthetes of the whole country as epoch-making culture contents that we can appreciate while being with picture work of world famous art museum. Script, produce of picture production thing including DVD and TV show about art, writing of book about art play an active part widely afterward.

Navigator: Glover

Narrator: NorikoUemura

Three pieces of masterpiece story archives
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