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Three pieces of masterpiece stories

"Italy Renaissance Tensho era trainer Ou mission and Italian picture which Japanese came" across
2017.11.11 broadcast
Main introduction work

・"Scenery of Livorno port" (studio of grand duke,> 1601-04 years based on work of kurisutofano gaffuri <yakopo re-Gozzi) Uffizi Gallery storehouse

・"Portrait of beer de Medici" (buronzuino <anyoro D Cosimo toe re-> about 1542) Uffizi Gallery storehouse

・"Leda and swan" (Tintoretto <yakopo robusuti> 1551-55 years) Uffizi Gallery storehouse

・"Portrait of Ito mansho" (Domenico Tintoretto 1585) torivurutsuio foundation storehouse

・"The Gregory thirteenth establishing seminar Rio inside and outside Europe" goes wrong (the painter from the end of 16th century to 17th century beginning of Rome); Gori Ann University storehouse

・"Letters of thanks from Tensho era trainer Ou mission to the government of Venice republic" July 2, 1585 date Vatican board of the Pope library storehouse

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