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Three pieces of masterpiece stories

"The world of wonder of the aesthete Rudolf second of Kiyo"
2018.01.06 broadcast
Main introduction work

・"Emperor Rudolf second image as Vertumnus" (Giuseppe aruchimborudo 1591) sukokurosuteru castle (Sweden) storehouse

・"Winter" (Giuseppe aruchimborudo 1563) Vienna Museum of Art History storehouse

・"Portrait of the Emperor of House of Hapsburg, Holy Roman Empire Rudolf second" (copy about 1600 of Hans phone Aachen product) sukokurosuteru castle (Sweden) storehouse

・"Orpheus playing music in animal" (roux Lunt saferi 1625) National Gallery in Prague (the Czech Republic) storehouse

・"Small bouquet which was arranged in vase of ceramics" (Jan Brughel <father> About 1607) Vienna Museum of Art History storehouse

・"Portrait of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe" (author unknown 1596) sukokurosuteru castle (Sweden) storehouse

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