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April 29, 2017 broadcast

#17 saga sapphire

"North Europe, Icelandic Cruise around the ground related to buffet"

It is North Europe, Icelandic Cruise rotating with "saga sapphire" this time.  
British passenger ship which is loved by Cruise fan of adult. In the ship, refined space where British tradition and formality are felt in many places opens, and the formal night when gentleman ladies such as "approximately 100% gather is waiting for "limited tuxedo rate at the formal night" 45 years old" or older. It is charm that can have dishes which are calm, and were rich in Italian, French and variety from British traditional dish in calm atmosphere. Sea voyage from U.K. Dover via North Europe to Iceland. It is Cruise visiting idyllic scenery, heroic waterfall that a large quantity of Wednesday runs, Nature of force including intermittent spring of 20m in height and saga and that ground related to Titanic. Classics for adult who made age limit daringly introduces elegant sea voyage.

Saga sapphire

■Port of call
Dover - Lar wick - ARKRAY re-... Reykjavik - Coke

Mercury travel
4-9-2, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
The 29th floor of MM tawazuforeshisu D2907
Tel 045-664-4268

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