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May 6, 2017 broadcast

#18 oshammonaku

"We go round the ancient civilization birthplaces! Longed-for Aegean Sea Cruise"

Aegean Sea Doc going this time in "oshammonaku" is sloppy.
It is meaning called "the emperor of the sea" with oshammonaku. Unlike image of the emperor, the ship is very friendly. As 90% of guest rooms are established on the sea side, it is attractive to be able to enjoy beautiful coast landscape color from moment when we woke. The Aegean Sea where the azure sea is dotted with islands of 3300 as for the stage of trip. It is Cruise area expecting beautiful scenery represented by the blue sky and cityscape of white wall of popularity. Over the islands full of charm including Mykonos Island and santorini island of Rhodes where cityscape of the Middle Ages opens, superb view which we want to visit once named "white jewel floating in the Aegean Sea", heart introduces trip to enjoy the healed scenery, culture and history, gourmet.


■Port of call
Piraeus - Mykonos Island - kushadashi - Rhodes - santorini island

Amphitryon Japan
1-18-11, Higashiueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
West concert hall building 7F
Tel 03-3832-8411

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