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January 14, 2017 broadcast

#2 superstars re-bra

"Way of enjoying color color! Malay Peninsula tour evolution Yes short Cruise"

It is Asian Cruise rotating in passenger ship "superstar re-bra" of Stark loose this time.
Popular Asian Cruise who a lot of foreign ships enter, and attracts attention.
Based in Singapore, restaurant and various activities, pleasure only by Cruise swelling at night at casino and disco that were rich in variety to meet meal of multi-national passenger are full loading in ship of Stark sloppy "superstar re-bra" where Cruise makes Malay Peninsula, Thailand Phuket.
Trip from Penang Island with town, Georgetown of world heritage of Malaysia to Krabi and Phuket of Thailand. We go round unexplored region and two resorts including beautiful beach surrounded in rock face and the jungle rising steeply. Show of image worshiped by many people must see it in Thailand. We introduce advantageous feeling around popular Asian resort and short Cruise who is full of pleasure.

Superstar re-bra

■Port of call
Penang Island (Malaysia) - Krabi (Thailand) - Phuket (Thailand)

■Shipping company
Stark sloppy Japanese office
〒The eighth floor of 105-0021 2-4-6, Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Siena
Tel 03-6403-5188

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