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July 22, 2017 broadcast

#29 sea cloud II

"Marine king! Five star Cuba resort Cruise who rotates in sail"

It is Cuba Cruise rotating this time in "sea cloud II".
It is said that it is sailing boat that Cruise fan who knew everything about sea voyage arrives last. "Sea cloud II" which puts white sail, and goes the ocean breezily. We put sail during voyage and, except port entrance and leaving, navigate all by wind-force. Style to be able to be called the origin of sea voyage is sailing boat Nara. We go round Caribbean Sea's greatest island Cuba while enjoying luxurious time among furniture of the highest grade.
Ship departs from Havana that is known as town which great writer, Hemingway loved deeply. To town, torinida of world heritage which prospered by island fubentudo island (island of young man) where coral reef was beautiful and sugarcane cultivation. Cuban unique music that is played everywhere. Trip of sailing boat which can remember the Age of Geographical Discovery is given mysterious charm.

Sea cloud II

■Port of call
Havana - fubentudo island (island of young man) - Shien Hue Gosse - Santiago de Kuba

Amphitryon Japan
1-18-11, Higashiueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo west concert hall building 7F
Tel 03-3832-8411

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