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January 21, 2017 broadcast

#3 carnival breezes

"The Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea of "naturalism" to rotate by casual ship Cruise superb view"

It is Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea Cruise going in "carnival breeze" this time.
Fan flannel such as the tail and fins of whale is full of design that carnival Cruise of trademark is novel and substantial facilities, events. Carnival that the lively ship is totally on the sea. It is fan ship which is quite popular with families including pool deck where is full of multi-national dishes and senses of fun. Ship surrounds the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea of superb view. We introduce spot of port of call and little-known spot of popularity to island, Sicily of rich fruit which the soil of Dubrovnik and volcano said to be the sun to "heaven of the world" where the sea breeze heals heart brings about, nature-oriented Cruise fan including handmade craftsman protecting traditional technique in town Florence of art again. Nobody including cityscape of Croatian world heritage which red roof affects is only area and tourist attraction that want to be visited of popularity and introduces Cruise.

Carnival breeze

■Port of call
Barcelona (Spain) - Livorno (Italy) - Dubrovnik (Croatia) - Messina (Italy)

Amphitryon Japan
〒110-0005 1-18-11, Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo west concert hall building 7F
Tel 03-3832-8411

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