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August 26, 2017 broadcast

#34 river royal

"Hometown superb view of the history and art and wine! French river Cruise"

It is southern France, Rhone Cruise going in "river royal" this time.
Luxurious passenger liner of river where "river royal" heals mind and body with luxurious interior and various facilities at 132 passenger capacity together. We feel friendly feeling not to be able to taste in open sea Cruise.
Painter Gogh of flame is attracted by beautiful scenery, and one of the French four major big rivers, sea voyage around the Rhone visit town where town, Arles and the history of the southern part that left many works and town Avignon of drama, tongue Emiru Tague that is famous for wine, remains in ancient Roman age including hometown Lyon of writer sun = tegujuperi of prince of star remain much. We thoroughly enjoy genuine high quality French, wine from hometown in ship and introduce charm of river Cruise spending scenery of both sides in spite of being view leisurely with scene of southern France.

River royal

■Port of call
Arles - Avignon - tongue Emiru Tague - Lyon

Ocean dream
〒252-0143 Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Hashimoto 6-17-15
Tel 042-773-4037

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