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September 2, 2017 broadcast

#35 pashifikkubiinasu

"We enjoy in families! Kumano University fireworks and south period Cruise"

It is Kumano size fireworks Cruise who it is "pashifikkubiinasu" to introduce this time, and goes.
Fireworks Cruise to overlook from the ocean without thing to block is pronoun of summer. It is sea voyage to visit "Kumano University fireworks display" to be high in popularity in particular in that.
Popular secret is firework called "marine suicidal explosion". We throw fireworks which we lighted from two ships running at full speed in sequence and make flower of hemicycle bloom on the sea. Furthermore, at moment when 250 kg in weight sets off a certain law ball on the surface of the water, air becomes quiet, and it should be surely on page 1 of memory without being broken in the mind of people who saw throughout the life.
"Ogre ka castle size device" giving glory to the finale of Kumano University fireworks display performs set-piece firework using rocky place and cave of ogre ka castle which is natural beauty spot natural monument of country, and the vibration reaches ship.
To "Hongu, Kumano big shrine" collecting faith as one of Kumano Miyama in Aramiya Port. Furthermore, we leave the appointed Kumano River for world heritage by water jet ship and expect beautiful scenery and can feel an eternal time in tone of ancient river.
We introduce trip of Cruise full of charm to visit Japanner pashifikkubiinasude, fireworks and ground, Kumano of world heritage.


■Port of call
Yokohama - Kumano University fireworks display (the Kumano offing) - Shingu

■Shipping company
Japanese cruise passenger boat
The 22nd floor of 1-1-7, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo NBF Hibiya building
Tel 03-5532-2211

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