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September 16, 2017 broadcast

#37 Star Flyer

"Paradise of Nankai to go round by dream sailing boat of the Age of Geographical Discovery"

It is paradise, Tahiti Cruise of south seas going this time in "Star Flyer".
Popular sailing boat that "Star Flyer" having four masts and 16 pieces of sail is named lady of the sea. We catch wind on white sail, and figure going ahead through the ocean breezily reminds of dream and romance of the Age of Geographical Discovery. It is attractive to be able to enjoy cozy Cruise whom gangs are different from large passenger ship in. Event only by sailing boat, mast climbing are very popular. Scenery to watch from mast is particular. All to experience including moment to put up sail with crew, and to get wind overflows in the powerful charm only by sailing boat. We send trip of sailing boat full of romance on the stage of beautiful islands of the South Pacific.

Star Flyer

■Port of call
Papeete - fuahine island - raiatea island - tahaa island - borastriped mullet island - morea island 
Meridian Japan
6-15-7, Kikari, Inzai-shi, Chiba
Tel 0476-48-3070

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