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November 4, 2017 broadcast

#44 Explorer of the seeds

"Caribbean Cruise who rotates by castle luxurious passenger liner of white wall floating in the ocean"

The ship of large-scale resort passenger ship "Explorer of the seeds" is filled with facilities which are full of calm atmosphere and variety. Boutique or cafe equal royal promenade of four levels of colonnades running through the center in ship and are like at all one town. On open deck, passenger enjoying rock-climbing and basket, putter golf to come to altitude of 60 meters from the sea surface does not cut off trace. The Caribbean blue sea "Caribbean Sea" which lets you forget daily life as for the stage of Cruise. Local market which reminds of building of the colony times and former Caribbean trade. We think about traditional stone pavement at strong fortress. We introduce southern country Caribbean Sea Cruise rotating by huge passenger ship to be able to enjoy without relations in the generation.

Explorer of the seeds

■Port of call
Miami - cent Thomas - sun fan - mule day

Miki tourist Cruise center
1-18-16, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Hamamatsucho building
Tel 03-5404-8813

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