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December 2, 2017 broadcast

#48 pashifikkubiinasu

"We enjoy in families! Kumano University fireworks and south period Cruise"

There is beautiful emotion to be excellent to innumerable fireworks to shine, and to see from the ... ship top reflected in dazzling spark and the night sea, surface of the water spreading out. We introduce charm of Kumano size fireworks going in "pashifikkubiinasu" which we can taste only on the sea this time. Of course, good place of fireworks Cruise is comfortable. As the area does not have one thing to block, we can appreciate fireworks slowly from extensive balcony and lounge. We do not have to worry about fatigue caused by troublesome place collecting and crowd, walk as for the ship. It is Kumano University firework that popularity in particular is high among such fireworks Cruise. There are the history and tradition to last 300 years for this fireworks display held at Kumano-shi, Mie, seven village Mihama Beach. Semicircular big law sea fireworks that the highlight spreads through 600 meters. Force of work to install law ball of 250 kg in weight, and to set off is the best part. Fireworks to look at from ship should surely become unforgettable summer memory. In Kumano University fireworks Cruise, fun to go for in "pashifikkubiinasu" to enjoy in whole family.


■Port of call
Yokohama - Kumano University fireworks display (the Kumano offing) - Shingu

■Shipping company
Japanese cruise passenger boat
The 22nd floor of 1-1-7, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo NBF Hibiya building
Tel 03-5532-2211

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