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December 9, 2017 broadcast

#49 queen Elizabeth

"British one round tour Cruise who rotates by history and traditional luxurious passenger liner Queen Elizabeth"

Third generation queen Elizabeth who inherits the name of the most famous luxurious passenger liner in the world. When one step sets foot in the ship, we learn sense that we seemed to make Time slip for the good old days. Maiden voyage of October, 2010 is sold out in 29 minutes 14 seconds. There is marine palace where anyone longs for. Gorgeous formal dinner, dance to enjoy by live performance, the elegant world that there is not of kind including theater which is authentic so that I do not think that it is on the sea open. The stage of this trip is the U.K. Fort city, Edinburgh of Scotland and Loch Ness which is famous for Nessie, the remains of mysterious church group visit gurendarohho standing still quietly. We send the British history and sea voyage of luxury dream of Queen ship "queen Elizabeth" of shipping company Cunard that tradition was jam-packed.

Queen Elizabeth

■Port of call
Southampton - Edinburgh - Liverpool - Dublin - kob

■Shipping company
Carnival Japan
The sixth floor of 6-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Daiwa Ginza building
Tel 03-3573-3601

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