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December 28, 2017 broadcast

#52 pashifikkubiinasu

"The Japanese one round Cruise first part of sea voyage pashifikkubiinasu spring over nature and traditional culture in Japan"

It is special feature of spring Japanese one round Cruise this time. In the north, Hokkaido, the south go round each places of the whole country in passenger ship "pashiffikubiinasu" which they made friendly & exciting o theme to Kyushu. Shiraoi-cho of Hokkaido where "pashiffikubiinasu" becomes the first call at a port this time. We mention traditional culture such as ancient dancing in Ainu race Museum here and introduce embroidery experience of Ainu tradition. In Akita, Funakawa, we enjoy Namahage coming to the Oga district and regional cuisine. From Kanazawa to Mt. Goka architecture with principal ridgepole village of world heritage. Simple village of mountain village is original scenery itself of Japan. Folk song "kokiriko joint" said to that it is the oldest in Japan provokes homesickness. "pashiffikubiinasu" to go round where is popular heartfelt service and friendliness. It is the first part of Japanese one round Cruise to see off for two weeks. Wonderful sea voyage in fun.


■Port of call
Yokohama - Shiraoi - Akita - Kanazawa

■Shipping company
Japanese cruise passenger boat
The 22nd floor of 1-1-7, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo NBF Hibiya building
Tel 03-5532-2211

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