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January 11, 2018 broadcast

#54 pashifikkubiinasu

"Circulation rupashifikkubiinasu beauty and others Sea Cruise by original scenery of the South-West Islands"

It is South-West Islands Cruise rotating this time in "pashifikkubiinasu". Nature, the South-West Islands where are untouched in the destination. In Iriomotejima called unexplored region experience to go round forests of the beautiful sea and mangrove of Gulf of Kawahira by canoe particularly Oriental Galapagos, 90% were covered by the subtropical forest, is right treasure house of nature. We go round Ishigakijima, Iriomotejima, Amami Oshima in beauty and others Sea that breath of Nature sings in praise of. Friendly hospitality of the staff that charm of this passenger ship values ease and contact. In the ship with full facilities, space where flavor of the sum only by Japanner is felt spreads out in elegance. Without South-West Islands Cruise rotating in "pashifikkubiinasu", passing over.


■Port of call
Kobe - Ishigakijima - Iriomotejima - Amami Oshima

■Shipping company
Japanese cruise passenger boat
The 22nd floor of 1-1-7, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo NBF Hibiya building
Tel 03-5532-2211

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