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January 25, 2018 broadcast

#56 Norway Jean gems

"East Mediterranean Sea Cruise who goes by free-style"

The sea of turquoise blue that is beautiful so as to hold breath and white sandy beach. The stage of this trip is quite popular area, Mediterranean Sea. Medium-sized ship "Norway Jean gem" of the appearance that paint of jewel that rotating ship is colorful is impressive. We call at a port of capital Venice of Wednesday, Corfu island where European culture harmonizes with Greece, santorini Island featuring contrast of blue and white and Crete where civilization of the European oldest remains. Let alone having you enjoy delicious meal slowly at a great variety of restaurants, we take a nap under the sun shining brightly on pool deck and we participate in activity and, of Cruise, make friend and look at color of the sea which changes from balcony, and goes and…Occupation is your free-style thinking of. It is this passenger ship "Norway Jean gem" that is ideal for free-style Cruise enjoying detached room, relaxed time from the daily noise. We can fully taste charm of Cruise life to the full. Without this sea voyage to enjoy the opening-like resort mood and the world history, passing over.

Norwegian Jean gem

■Port of call
Venice - Corfu island - santorini island - Crete

■Shipping company
Norwegian junk sloppy line Holdings
NCL Japan
5-13-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-4530-9878

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