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February 28, 2018 broadcast

#61 kanibarusupurenda

"Baltic Sea Cruise of passion and impression"

It is Baltic Sea Cruise going this time in "kanibarusupurenda".
Casual passenger ship "kanibarusupurenda" is entertainment and restaurant, casino, bar of many, marine resort with full facilities including pool.
As the staff is friendly brightly, smiles of passenger overflow in ship consistently.
We go round beautiful port towns facing the Baltic Sea by boredom-free fan ship with U.K. Dover as a start.
One, the Hermitage Art Museum of world heritage, Berlin museum island and three major art museums of the world must see it. We can thoroughly enjoy the palace of the beauty to possess artworks of approximately 3 million points. Program introduces many impressions to come across in port full of charm to leave feature of the Middle Ages for thoroughly.


■Port of call
Dover - Copenhagen - varubemyunde
St. Petersburg - Amsterdam - Dover

Shipping company: Amphitryon Japan
1-18-11, Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo west concert hall building 7F
Tel. 03-3832-8411

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