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May 3, 2018 broadcast

#70 silver spirits

"Mediterranean Sea ancient city Cruise going in celebrity-like purveyance for the government silver spirit"

It is Central Europe ancient city Cruise going in "silver spirit" this time.
Small luxury ship "silver spirit" of Italian taste. The latest facilities have good sense and, in the ship, are harmonized with a certain sense of quality interior using good-quality material. Guest room of all suites is space with a space widely. Furthermore, we can enjoy a time only by luxury ship including supreme spa and good-quality entatimento healing dainty food menu and mind and body using material selected carefully.
The stage of Cruise is the Mediterranean Sea of royal road. In katakoron to the Olympics birthplace, Olympia antiquity. We strengthen the rear by co-torr in the mountains and observe fortress which we set up along city. And many ports of call stimulating curiosity to capital Venice of Wednesday which anyone knows heaps up Cruise. Luxury ship of the world's highest mountain introduces time of supreme bliss around the Mediterranean Sea.

Silver spirit

■Port of call
Piraeus - katakoron ... co-torr - Venice

■Sales agent
International Cruise marketing
Mt. 5-3-20, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Sengoku annex 501
Tel 03-5405-9213

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