Yuji Matsuo

It was born in January 20, 1954
Hometown: Tokyo

It is former rugby representative from Japan player called stands off greatest in the Japanese rugby history both in name and in reality.
To sportscasting that it is the first among rugby world after the retirement.

Masumi Horiguchi

It was born in June 11, 1983
Hometown: Adachi-ku

Meiji University department of literature drama studies specialty graduation. We pass the Edo culture history official approval first grade at the youngest 25 years old in history.
We work on introduction, enlightenment of Edo culture other than the TV radio casts.
Nickname "hori."

Aya Asahina

It was born in October 6, 1993
Hometown: Hyogo, Awajishima

2015 San-Ai swimsuit image girl /DHC Cinderella Award 2015/ We are playing an active part in various genres including magazine, variety program, drama.

Masami Tanaka

It was born in January 5, 1979
Hometown: Engaru-cho, Hokkaido

Former swimming race representative from Japan. We win bronze medal by 400m medley race by Olympics 3 meet consecutive participation, Sydney Olympics.
It is in great demand as sports commentator of beautiful woman athlete now from each station.

▼Walk route
It is a 5-minute walk from 1, "shrine gain Mitake Shrine" Shibuya Station
It is a 7-minute walk from 2, "monument of Dogenzaka, Shibuya" Shibuya Station
It is a 12-minute walk from 3, "Hikawa Shrine" Shibuya Station
It is an 8-minute walk from 4, "Friday King Hachiman shrine" Shibuya Station

▼Komachi lunch
Access: From Keio Shinsen Station a 5-minute walk (2-14-12, Shotou, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo beautifulness pole Shoto)
Business hours: From Monday to Saturday 11:30 - 22:00/ Sundays and holidays from 11:30 to 16:30

Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine Buddhist temple of town, Shibuya of youth was left in place not to trade from the Edo era much!


Store specializing in festival tools including drum, miniature shrine founded in 1861 (Bunkyu 1)
▼From Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station a 6-minute walk (6-1-15, Asakusa, Taitou-ku)
▼Business hours from Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00/ Saturday and Sunday, celebration regular holiday
<< HP of shop >> http://www.miyamoto-unosuke.co.jp
Treasure "guaranty" that we tried

Sweets shop Nishiyama

Sweets shop founded in 1852 (Kaei 5).
▼Immediate from Asakusa Station Exit 2 (2-19-11, Kaminarimon, Taitou-ku)
▼Business hours Thursday - Tuesday 10:00 - 19:00/ committing suicide in water believing in an easy passage into eternity holiday
<< HP of shop >> https://www.asakusa-nishiyama .com
Treasure "scales" which we tried "thing of the Edo era"

kokokyomugishuda* asada

Noodle shop founded in 1854 (Ansei 1).
▼From Asakusabashi Station a 2-minute walk (2-29-11, Asakusabashi, Taitou-ku, Tokyo)
▼It is regular holiday - 15 on 00,17:30-21:00 a day, celebration, the third Saturday at - 21:30/ Saturday 11:30 at - 14:30, 17:30 at 11:30 for from Monday to Friday for business hours
<< HP of shop >> https://www.asada-soba.co.jp
Treasure "Thursday bowl" which we tried

We push to floor to stability tiptoe to 1, half positions of chair. To some person inside of the thighs who is not accompanied.

Is able to go to bed with 2, heel; tiptoe on the top. We are stretching out knee.

We knock down 3, foot in the outside, inside side and move hip joint.

Private nijino forest nursery school

It is the first among the whole country! Nursery school which there is in park
☆"Metropolitan Shioiri park" with nursery school is garden of children
☆In "the child care interchange salon" which is available to child and mothers who do not go to nursery school!
☆Access: From Minami-Senju Station a 15-minute walk

sosanyu (we do) Shrine

Four Devas festival, God good luck festival holds in sosanyu (we do) with the history more than 1,200 years Shrine!
☆The holding date and time: Friday, June 1 size service, Saturday, June 2 shrine tool, Sunday, June 3 Miyairi
☆Access: From Minami-Senju Station an 8-minute walk

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AirdateThe guest head of a ward

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