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Yuji Matsuo

It was born in January 20, 1954
Hometown: Tokyo

Former rugby representative from Japan called stands off that is the best in history of rugby in Japan both in name and in reality.
To sportscasting that it is the first among rugby world after retirement.


It was born in June 11, 1983
Hometown: Adachi-ku

Meiji University department of literature drama studies specialty graduation. We pass the Edo culture history official approval first grade at the youngest 25 years old in history.
We work on introduction, enlightenment of Edo culture other than the TV radio casts.
Nickname "hori."

Aya Asahina

It was born in October 6, 1993
Hometown: Hyogo, Awajishima

Promising star from Awajishima breaking San-Ai swimsuit image girl /DHC Cinderella Award 2015/ magazine "Ray" exclusive belonging models in 2015.

Masami Tanaka

It was born in January 5, 1979
Hometown: Engaru-cho, Hokkaido

Former swimming race representative from Japan. We win bronze medal by 400m medley race by Olympics 3 meet consecutive participation, Sydney Olympics.
It is in great demand as sports commentator of beautiful woman athlete now from each station.

▼Walk route
It is immediate from 1, "3, Nihonbashiningiyoucho" Ningyocho Station
It is a 3-minute walk from 2, "Suehiro Shrine" Ningyocho Station
It is immediate from 3, "temple sacred to the guardian deity of mariners" Suitengumae Station

▼Komachi lunch
"Person of yone"
Access: From Suitengumae Station a 2-minute walk (1-30-10, Nihonbashikakigaracho, Chuo-ku)
Business hours: 11:45 - 14:00/18:00 - 23:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays fixed closing day

The Kurume feudal clan Arimas who managed temple sacred to the guardian deity of mariners
We had important duty as "fire fighter" (firefighting) for town of Edo!

We push to floor to stability tiptoe to 1, half positions of chair. To some person inside of the thighs who is not accompanied.

Is able to go to bed with 2, heel; tiptoe on the top. We are stretching out knee.

We knock down 3, foot in the outside, inside side and move hip joint.

Forest arakawa of Yui

Opening time: From 9:30 to 20:30
Closed day: Third Thursday, year-end and New Year holidays, collection of books check period
Access: It is an 8-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Keisei Line Machiya Station

Arakawa oldness and culture building "arakawa folkcraft gallery"

The first display: Period - Wednesday, September 13 from 9:30 to 17:00
Sale of traditional industrial art object is held demonstration, workshop of folkcraft technology every month!

Manufacturing visit, experience spot guide 2017

We introduce production, sold superior product as "Arakawa brand" in ward
In addition, we observe factory, studio, and place that we can experience is published ☆We are distributing to ward office, libraries!

Casts schedule <plan>
AirdateMayor guest
August 26Mayor Sumida-ku Toru Yamamoto
September 2Mayor Shibuya-ku Takeshi Hasebe
September 9Mayor Minato-ku Masaaki Takei
September 16Mayor Hattori, Taito-ku Masao
September 23Mayor Tada, Edogawa-ku Masami

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