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Sunday from 07:00 to 07:10
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Program introductionProgram introduction
YOGA movie that Tomoko Oki of yoga instructor supports the beauty and health of YOGA! you in Miss World Japan finalists in the middle of Ginza. We send YOGA pose of "positive - Active ..." and "shade - Detox ..." two kinds for view of the world such as short movie on the stage of Tokyu plaza Ginza. We give to instructor up-and-coming yoga Tomoko Oki and initiate into Sena Shimabukuro of the yoga instructor second grade, Takuji Miyakawa of the "JUNON X MUJ 2016-2017" grand prix, YOGA pose that macho Kurohune correspondent Jonathan cigar of "Goji ni Muchu!" appears more and refreshes body and heart of Tokyoite in model now.
The cast staffThe cast staff
Tomoko Oki (yoga instructor, Miss World Japan 2016 finalist)
Jonathan cigar (talent)
Sena Shimabukuro (model)
Takuji Miyakawa (the "JUNON X MUJ 2016-2017" grand prix)