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June 30, 2017 broadcast
Episode 78
"Uniform enthusiast is delighted? Uniform which beautiful woman used in new joy performance great investigation"

◆We want to protect female college student from crime? New plan starts from this time
◆How! We visit home of mound place?
◆We meet with female college student whom uniform is not yet thrown away?
◆We use uniform in performance of new joy

◆19 years old beautiful woman whom we met accidentally. When we ask when we want to visit home of Yokohama suddenly…?
◆We are put without throwing away uniform? What is suggestion to protect from crime?
◆Which is it that Taku Suzuki vs. oldster Shinomiya wins? Female college student support song confrontation

◆Mini-corner of P.IDL starts
 Idol who came from Nagoya. We should introduce thing which is not thrown away, but…To emergency demand?
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