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February 25, 2018 broadcast
Episode 107
"Hamaguchi who has a low Taku Suzuki vs. very unpleasant tension"

◆Duo who seems to be serious that some names are complexed
・Taku Suzuki demonstrates suspicious individual information that played on Twitter?
・We crouch down in way, and it is said that we give tissue…With an uncle?
・200% of reproduction rates! Unpleasant demonstrations of Taku Suzuki exceeded the head family?

◆Duo having a low tension vs. Taku Suzuki
・We wanted to see Hamaguchi…Beautiful woman who grieves over this
・Towards camera imitation of Hamaguchi?

◆Audience trouble consultation corner of idol
・What is pretty underwear of Taku Suzuki?
・Experiment! Can you write as women's college by writing brush to buttocks?
◆Corner that introduces popular amateur delivering by application
・What is Hamaguchi having a low tension?
・We deliver before sleeping? Beautiful woman who sings if we want to sing…Costarring with Hamaguchi is realized

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