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October 29, 2017 broadcast
Episode 92
"Mask beautiful woman of Shimizu wealth 0 kani sheds tears…With the reason"

◆Witness information of man setting foot in crotch in 19-year-old female college student group of 2, crowded train
◆Hamaguchi is demonstration with 19-year-old female college student group of 3, figure of friendly pervert who pretends to fall down by bicycle, and touches with buttocks just before 20 years old?
◆Because beautiful woman of beautiful woman duo, Shimizu wealth 0 kani of mask wants to talk about what boyfriend did, we appear with mask. Consultation (1) is meet-a-mate, and "it registers" consultation (2) which "put up girl in house"
・Mask beautiful woman who is moved to tears by answer of Hamaguchi unintentionally. . . What is the reason?
・In woman's feelings to want to revenge, but not to be able to revenge Taku Suzuki…
◆Pervert haunting information of idol again
・At the age of "primary schoolchild, we were shown by uncle…What is surprising experience of "idol?
◆Of Shinomiya played truant, and "seemed to be, and detection emerged from few alley in shorts which seemed to be easy to take off of woman" information
◆For taboo that human power building entertainer is by program again? What is the reason?
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