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June 22

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▼hiru kyun! Meeting of cinema▼
Attractive ohiru kyummemba of masterpiece movie tells all in each glance!

This week is *betsuhen! Who is the strongest action star?

▼motekyun! Kitchen▼
We send original recipe that Ema jasmine fitted theme a week!

Detailed recipe checks ⇒ this

▼Veteran investigation into life room ▼ [straight vote]
Curious topic is reported on originally by generations of the Showa era!

How to use bath towel in families?
We use one piece in common in or families for common use with several pieces in or families for exclusive use of oneself

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M Cass-adaptive program

Veteran investigation room

Veteran investigation room on Monday, June 25…

In "the parents' house of partner"

For or which is easy to go is hateful

Vote is this Result page

Message is this


April 01, 2018
[recruitment of tweet University!]
On true vote theme of veteran investigation room

#hiru kyun

When we soak this and post, where in program does weather member introduce your tweet? We look forward to many tweets!
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