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October 18

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Nakano-ku "doctor we meet road mall"
Reporter: Mitsuo Senda

★ Wednesday plan ★
"Tokyo DEEP ambassador"

Partiality TOKYO sight-seeing of Sato Kondo!
Deep ... ku introduces recommended spot of Tokyo in original viewpoint!

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▼Tokyo DEEP ambassador▼
Edo-jo Castle part.2 "Matsuyuki University corridor trace"
If familiar famous place investigates deep ... ku by Chushingura, we discover newly!

▼Veteran investigation into life room▼
Topic to be worried about is reported on originally by generations of the Showa era!
This theme…
"Do you say objection to shop? We do not say"

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We raise your story, Ylla ttoshita talks which we felt twinges very much!
We present program specially made QUO CARD for 1,000 yen to employed person! Story, ira and story size offer that we felt twinges that we did


October 11, 2017
[audience present]
"Assorted special products of Kamishihoro-cho" to three people!
(the application deadline: on October 18, 2017 at 24:00)
October 01, 2017
[story, Ylla ttoshita talk offer which we felt twinges]
Please send "event that you felt twinges" that happened in your closeness or "Ylla ttoshita event".
To person employed by program, we present program specially made QUO CARD (for 1,000 yen).
October 01, 2017
[mall person concerned wanting coverage]
Please inform of one where coverage is hoped for by program from application form of upper part link.
Legend reporters enliven your mall by broadcast!