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hiru kyun!

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April 28

MC, Minami Tanaka

Garage Sale Gori

[Tokyo mall MAP]

Koto-ku "Odaiba "meat festival TOKYO 2017"
Reporter: Woorom park

★Entertainment Friday

We send facilities to be able to take much-talked-about child to in the public and entertainment information to be usable on this weekend including movie, DVD information!

[broadcast content]

Gori ingredient is rather much and sends this week as much as I was absent last week!

▼Entertainment Friday
<movie commentator, yumurakon>
We pick up movie of the Gori lead in arikon glance!
The long run screening that is exceptional in local Okinawa! arikompointo of "man who changed Okinawa?"

▼Tell! Entertainment teacher
<beautiful buttocks prince, Jun Takeda>
The fifth after a long absence!
Beautiful buttocks exercises that ballet dancer who is fascination tell for doubt!

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To another one article of simple, delicious side dish!
Of "saury and sardine of oku to say
Bone meal bereraru boiled fish set"

To another one article of simple, delicious side dish! <br /> "<br /> bone of saury and sardine meal bereraru boiled fish set of oku to say"


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