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hiru kyun!

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March 31

MC, Minami Tanaka

Garage Sale Gori

★Entertainment Friday

We send facilities to be able to take much-talked-about child to in the public and entertainment information to be usable on this weekend including movie, DVD information!

[broadcast content]

It is full of pleasant weekend information today!

▼Entertainment Friday
<movie commentator, yumurakon>
arikompointo of story writing on a theme "Jackie / first lady last mission?"

▼Tell! Entertainment teacher
<entertainer, Shinya Irie (karateka)>
<association of home party, Takahashi hidetsuu>
It is special just before cherry-blossom viewing season! Art of pleasant cherry blossom viewing that paripi teaches!

▼Tokyo mall MAP
Odaiba "D-1 Grand Prix"
Reporter: Woorom park

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