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April 24

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Meguro-ku "Gakugeidaigaku"
Reporter: Bondo Oki

★On Tuesday

We follow the change of Tokyo while looking for feature of Showa

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▼Series of biographies that we want to leave of the Showa era▼
We pay attention to event and news that happened to age with Showa!
We introduce "ism that we want to leave of the Showa era"

One of Time slip Yes is 1970 (Showa 45) this time!

▼Veteran investigation room ▼ [straight vote]
Curious topic is reported on originally by generations of the Showa era!
Do you want to go now if you hold international exposition in Tokyo? Are you not interested?

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M Cass-adaptive program

Veteran investigation room

Veteran investigation room on Tuesday, April 24…

"We want to go now if we hold international exposition in Tokyo"

There is not or interest that we want to go for

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April 01, 2018
[recruitment of tweet University!]
On true vote theme of veteran investigation room

#hiru kyun

When we soak this and post, where in program does weather member introduce your tweet? We look forward to many tweets!
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