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Every Wednesday from 20:30 to 20:56

Approximately 5,000 "Kamishihoro-cho, Hokkaido" population, nukabira hot-spring village and Japan's largest public upbringing ranch which become stage
"Ney Thailand Heights ranch" "taushubetsu river bridge" is famous,
Slow town where agriculture, dairy farming and sightseeing that received large blessings of nature are prosperous.
In this town youth generation "heroine of 3:00" child care generation "Shizuka Saito" of senior generation "sweets leader of the valets"
If different three generations emigrate, and they experience….
Charm of town seeing from individual viewpoint under the theme of much-talked-about emigration,
Experience-based documentary in pursuit of state of emigration experience.

M Cass-adaptive program

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The eleventh December 20, 2017 broadcast

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The tenth December 13, 2017 broadcast
The last day of the emigration life. Each three sets of last day. Grew up by the last milking work in the Maki toyumetchiha Takagis; turn up. We take a walk through blue sky kunhanukabira area with Saito and look back on emigration experience. Leader of the valets observes the making of barley miso in facilities worried about than before and we generalize this experience and think about theme of "emigrating" some other time. Finally at the time of last parting with Takagi. All of families indulging in sentiment and two. Meaning that we put on top of one another with own true family who talked in interview was included in tears of Maki….
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Heroine Maki Fukuda yumetchi of 3:00

Maki Fukuda (lump boiling over comes) (the left) Birthday October 10, 1988
Hometown: Osaka
Blood type: O-type
Special ability: Dance (former idol! !) / karate
The NSC Tokyo 15th graduate

yumetchi (the right)  Birthday November 17, 1994
Hometown: Kumamoto
Blood type: Type A
Special ability: / performance / dance / song of / massage with trombone / buttocks as stone
The NSC Tokyo 19th graduate

Sweets leader of the valets

Sweets leader of the valets Gap with tough-looking looks and sweets, beautiful photograph and judgment producer gourmet who original sweets review that there is and the lifestyle gather seeing and hearing, and plays an active part in the media, and acts as produce such as sweets, direction of gourmet event.
We eat our way and start superyarisuto group "King whom we eat, and there is" and act as representative.
In book "parfait of man" "supreme 10 size sweets of sweets leader of the valets." We start "King whom we eat, and there is" and act as representative.

Shizuka Saito

Shizuka Saito (quiet Saito) Speciality: Tsugaru dialect, tennis, trouble consultation
Hobby: Hot yoga, gospel chorus, story-telling of picture book
Capacity: The horseback riding fourth grade, the calculation on the abacus third grade, the psychology counselor second grade, the sign language beginner's class

Ochanomizu boy

Ochanomizu boy (ochanomizudanshi) Organization time: September, 2008
Interesting Sato (the left) Twitter
Do, and do being; Japan Stage & Television Designers Association way (the right) Twitter

Room of the mayor of Kamishihoro



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