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Broadcast information

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Don't miss it!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Of course Men' s side is double feature this week!
"BOYS AND MEN" is program re-appearance! It is infiltrated by live venue on the first day of the truth tour!
What is Tokyo that bellboy men yearn for? Program familiarity SAMURAI TUNES comes up, more!
We sneak into the taking picture of their first MV spot!

Girl's side plans newly! Super! Idol 8! We send the live first half of the game of preliminary skirmish this week!

●Gir's Side
[casts] A lot of idols

●Men's Side

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Men's side is MAG!C secondary to last week ☆PRINCE comes up!
Chest kyun confession championship latter half of a game! kyunkyun does not stop in, tonight either?
Men's plus is B2takes sequentially, too! But, we appear! We challenge Not alone championship with all, members,
Does breath of member match? ?

Idol AKB48 team 8 where Girl's side goes to meet is program first appearance!
The beauty treatment salon first experience to go out to "beauty polishing" in Nanami Sato, Reina Nagahisa, three people of kotenyu*na! Is no makeup shown?

●Gir's Side
[casts] AKB48 team 8

●Men's Side
[casts] MAG!C ☆PRINCE, B2takes!

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Men's side of this week is program first appearance MAG!C ☆We challenge chest kyun confession championship that PRINCE was associated with in summer!
As for the men's plus, mejadebyu is imminent! , B2takes! But, we appear!
With buran nu anniversary when they suggest?

Girl's side is group of electric wave. We feature design of DS to dream of of DearStage leading inc very much! Collaboration live and original parade must see it!

●Gir's Side
[casts] A lot of idols

●Men's Side
[casts] MAG!C ☆PRINCE, B2takes!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Men's side features super topic entertainment good-looking guy cafe B-box!
Therefore we dissect extreme popularity Rush X 300 very much! We know Rush X 300, all of B-box if we see, this!

As for this, Girl's side is beautiful leg! We feature slender unit "MEY" beautifully! We broadcast first announcement live in @JAM2018!
Furthermore, we introduce design of event "super idol battle front."!

●Gir's Side
[casts] A lot of idols

●Men's Side
[casts] Rush X 300

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mens side pursues real identity of BLACK M!LK to person of benevolence, Yuki of M!LK in mystery secondary to last week! , more as for BLACK email to two of M!LK,
Furthermore, we feature the live concert in familiar band Strawberry Under World of Rei Kamiya in official reporters!

Girl's side is prince of all! It is infiltrated by "the Who par" limited member announcement MV shooting of good-looking guy girl! Besides, we hear such a thing and such a thing in HIGH SPIRITS!

●Gir's Side
[casts] A lot of idols

●Men's Side
[MC] *ChocoLate Bomb!! takkun  
[guest] M!LK Yoshida person of benevolence, Yuki Yamazaki, Strawberry Under World

Thursday, June 14, 2018

In Men's side, mysterious otakkunga of BLACK M!LK pursues real identity of group BLACK M!LK surrounded in mystery to person of benevolence, Yuki of M!LK! Furthermore, it is infiltrated by a shasatsukage of new group SAMURAI TUNES!

It is not forgotten that Girl's side watches stage once. . Osaka ☆The four season! We broadcast two designs of Tokyo commuter pass performance it! Powerful performance of six people! Please taste a sense of unity of the whole venue!

●Gir's Side
[casts] Osaka ☆The four season

●Men's Side
[MC] *ChocoLate Bomb!! takkun BMK higashikyokyukakudaiki S.U.W Rei Kamiya, LoveDesire tiger
[guest] M!LK Yoshida person of benevolence, Yuki Yamazaki, SAMURAI TUNES

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Men's side is Akiko Wada quiz confrontation latter half of a game by BMK! ,
Which way is victory team of quiz confrontation of fierce battle? Program first public exhibition collecting is chest kyun confession championship by UnkNowN, more!

Kamiyado where Girl's side ran through tour for half a year! We send smile and tour final of tears! And! Beautiful scenery ru owl is reported by event of the 30th anniversary of kurabuchitta to hear the secret of unity power!

●Gir's Side
[casts] Kamiyado, beautiful scenery ru owl, Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari), LinQ, Tokyo Girls' Style

●Men's Side
[MC] *ChocoLate Bomb!! takkun BMK higashikyokyukakudaiki S.U.W Rei Kamiya, LoveDesire tiger
[guest] Festival nine. BMK

Thursday, May 31, 2018

takkun, tiger charge at rising festival nine. infiltration there, and, in Men's side, they interview TSC! Decide, there; for pose confrontation ending to cuttlefish,
As for Akiko Wada quiz confrontation that BMK performed parting, collaboration of more in two teams!

Girl's side is baby raise JAPAN. At the beginning of this year, we adhere to the backside by autocratic live by Hibi Tanino sound! Live that published hot thought of each member attracts the whole venue. Performance of the best part must see it!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

We realize EBiSSH X secondary to last week, and Men' s side adheres to MV of joint unit One And Only of the Boy Scouts!
Photograph confrontation with full of charm of One And Only is settled at last?
ODA dehachokobotakkunni coherence!

FES where Girl' s side became new system ☆We adhere to camp of TIVE!
And we send the periodical performance special live concert in sora tob sakana secondary to last week!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

We realize EBiSSH X, and Men' s side adheres to MV of joint unit One And Only of the Boy Scouts! Therefore reporter opposition One And Only photograph confrontation breaks out? It is charge interview for Mr. takkunga coherence by ODA in MeseMoa.!
Design of performance special live is airing special feature in sora tob sakana which is innocent, and attracts in four-colored gentle harmony pure in Girl' s side for fixed period, too!
And beautiful scenery ru owl reports the backside of idol event!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

In Girl's side, Kamiyado comes up! Song eats in karaoke shop, and do you work? As for autocratic live infiltration, latter half of a game of Task have Fun! In Men's side, B2takes! where major debut was decided on in September comes up! For present from program, and one Blackbeard crisis? Secondary to the last time, it is fortune-telling location in chokobo X Rush300! With the chokobono future…?

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Orthodox school idol, SUPER where Girl's side glitters ☆GiRLS comes up! We interview Rika Shimura ahead of graduation. And we have sneaked into the autocratic live concert in Task have Fun! Mens side sneaks into dress rehearsal of the Ikedaya! Kawaharada asks Ikeda, Suzuki funny case, disturbance of the Ikedaya! In chokobo X Rush300 to fortune-telling location! With the future of Rush300…?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

In this Girls side, Rocca Japonica challenges attraction for younger sister of Momoclo! We cry and cry and make a fuss! Dual wielding of idol world? "Welcome back we press group which of the master", was created from active maids!
In Mens side, ikebo delivery group "Love Desire" comes up secondary to the last time! The program staff prepared, is very nutritious? Healing? We are guided to the finest trip! By magic hand of teacher, rabudeza all members faint in agony?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

In Girl' s side, "invitation kecak" which Nippon Budokan alone performance of dream decided in September comes up! And we press secret of strength to line for live that "Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)" reaching the seventh anniversary is hot this year, and is intense. For part of storehouse 13 reverse to Shun Nishime of the part of design of production announcement of "danganrompa 3 THE STAGE 2018 - The End of hope ka peak school ..." and young plant truth starring in Men' s side, Taiyo Ayukawa, reporter program is confrontation by trial game!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

In Girls side, Juice=Juice which experienced the world looks back on organization five years! Unknown activity secret story! beboga of major debut! This is revelation battle; the real face of member openly! And, in Mens side, it is infiltrated secondary to the last time by the live concert in program alone interview & JOL Fez of BOYS AND MEN! About new song "evolution theory" as for the dance collaboration of senior and younger student? Up-and-coming unit ChocoLate Bomb!! Tiger and Rei Kamiya of love desire charge at this!

Thursday, April 05, 2018

In this Girls side, where is the rial of the scene in now to be considered to be turning point of the idol age of civil strife? We send actual voice of idols playing an active part in battle front!
And, in Mens side, program alone of BOYS AND MEN interviews! BOYS AND MEN kenkyuseihigashikyokyumondaiki is sprint against seniors in MC!
It is infiltrated by the live concert in JOL Fez! Tiger of love desire and Rei Kamiya charge at up-and-coming unit B2takes!

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