Weekly literacy that I sent for approximately two and a half years renews and powers up more! We treated mainly on politics, economic news, but will handle wider topic including "social problem" "imminent life material" "culture" in future until now. In addition, we widen width of news to handle to magazine, net as well as newspaper and pick up the timely material which is interested in audience more. We ask as much as Atsushi Tamura wants to ask sharp commentator and others about news ranging from politics to the life material and cut to hardliner!

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Theme of March 25

Does Japan think that the future is almost fixed with "the last educational background?"

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March 25, 2017

Must Mr. guest Yasuo Tanaka Naoki Ogi ▽ Japanese go to university? Is it true that income gap leads to education difference? If new college graduate collective adoption disappears, does Japanese education system change? Is it true now when "private supplementary school career" is more important than "educational background?" ▽Plan is trouble for "scholarship problem chase report" return Diet presentation ▽ Korea Former President Boku Toyosu problem Article 100 Committee ▽ terrorism preparations punishment bill present ex-Governor summons of a witness ▽ Ishihara Mr. basket pond by the issue of Moritomo school in ▽ latter half including hearing of prosecution! How do the present conditions of scholarship turn out? We interview the person in charge of group to lend kids door and scholarship holding private supplementary school for children free to

Guest commentator

Writer Yasuo Tanaka

With 1980 "anything crystal" prize for sentence art to bestseller more than 1 million copies of receiving a prize
We attract attention in innovative policy including de-dam, de-press club declaration in Governor of Nagano

Education commentator Naoki Ogi

We send teacher life after Waseda University graduation from Shiga for 22 years including junior high school, high school in 1947
Mayor of Hosei University teacher-training course center, professor clinical education research institute "rainbow" director

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March 25, 2017

Saturday, March 25 guest

Writer Yasuo Tanaka

Education commentator Naoki Ogi

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