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May 20, 2017

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We want to ask! Public opinion poll

Theme of May 20

How do you think Japan-Korea relations to change in the sentence living-in-tiger new presidents?

  • 1.Worsen  
  • 2.Improve  
  • 3.We do not change  
  • 4.We do not understand  

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May 20, 2017

Is guest higashikaidaigakukyojukinkeitamashi, writer Furuya Japan and Korea relation that to pass, and how turns out by President of Ko ▽ sentence living-in-tiger Korea birth? North Korean risk? One hour thorough discussion! ▽We urgently report on voice of rial of Korean people at Korean location! "New administration" Is defense difficult by interception system of ▽ North Korea new model missile launch Japan including "issue of comfort woman" "feelings to Japan" "North Korea risk?" ▽Is doubt of Mr. "intention of the Prime Minister" record document ▽ cards to Russia over TOSHIBA insolvency 540 billion yen ▽ Kake school veterinarian department new establishment; the Democratic Party as for the impeachment in field of vision? ▽The LDP is constitution reform bill within this year. Will you show next year in ordinary session of the Diet?

Guest commentator


College of liberal arts, international subject professor specialty sociolinguistics (communication media theory)
We win Korea Japan and France religion culture arts and sciences prize in Japan, Korea in activity 2005


Is up-and-coming young maintenance disputant for 1,982 years from Hokkaido; animation commentator
In the "revision of the Constitution group" "diplomatic hawks" for racial discrimination, hate speech decidedly in NO book "only as for the left wing and the right wing lies"

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May 20, 2017

Saturday, May 20 guest performer

Writer Furuya passes; Ko

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