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We treated mainly on politics, economic news, but will handle wider topic including "social problem" "imminent life material" "culture" in future until now.
In addition, we widen width of news to handle to magazine, net as well as newspaper and pick up the timely material which is interested in audience more.
We ask as much as Atsushi Tamura wants to ask sharp commentator and others about news ranging from politics to the life material and cut to hardliner!

May 19, 2018

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Theme on May 26

Of the "employee if is in principle smoking cessation" capital what do think of regulations plan?

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May 26, 2018

Guest shine; Tokyo Shun Otokita
The issue of metropolitan assembly LDP Shinichiro Kawamatsu ▽ Toyosu move, Olympics, passive smoking, sex education…As much as we hear voice of Tokyo island sho region including plan Hachijojima, Kozushima in ▽ latter half, and ▽ Atsushi Tamura wants to ask resignation about problem of the metropolitan government by Mayor of issue of ko eyo ▽ Nihon Univ. American football badness tackle ▽ prime minister "veterinary school is good" ▽ Moritomo document disposal ▽ United States and North Korea tactics intensification ▽ Komae sexual harassment!

Shine; Tokyo secretary long sound Shun Kita

We run for 2013 member of the Metropolitan assembly election that is a graduate from Waseda University politics department of economics from Kita-ku from local Kita-ku in 1983 and win for the first time 
Leave appointment to the "meeting Tokyo member of the Metropolitan assembly corps of the Tokyo residents first" first generation chief secretary in last October; denomination "shine Tokyo" establishment

Metropolitan assembly LDP Shinichiro Kawamatsu

Member of the Metropolitan assembly wins for the first time as TV Asahi entering a company announcer for charge 13 years including sports program in 2003 from Sumida-ku in 1980 
Promotion measures special committee committee TOKYO LDP youth group's deputy managers such as the Olympics Paralympics

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May 19, 2018

Saturday, May 19 guest performer

Active gaming media's representative director ibai candies toy


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