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February 17, 2018

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We want to ask! Public opinion poll

Theme on February 17

Being interested in metropolitan government you of this year most?

  • 1.Waiting-list child  
  • 2.Passive smoking  
  • 3.Telephone pole zero  
  • 4.Crowded train zero  

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February 17, 2018

Guest is member of the Metropolitan assembly, Shun Otokita
Journalist, Tetsuo Suzuki
Problem pile! Attention point of the 2018 metropolitan government? Waiting-list child, passive smoking, telephone pole zero, crowded train zero…Suggestion ▽ Toyota steps forward for "movement service industry" by Mr. 15,000 ▽ pence United States and North Korea talks ▽ scholarship bankruptcy in the past in five years; for ▽ High School class "community" "history synthesis" new establishment ▽ finally to "casino bill" ruling and opposition parties confrontation! ▽Latter half plan "Otokita, please hear! As much as ▽ Atsushi Tamura wants to ask "parking lot, bicycle parking lot" about dissatisfaction, uneasiness of simple life of petition Tokyo residents of mark Tokyo residents at special feature "railroad crossing which does not open" "use of government office time" as much as we want to ask!

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member sound Shun Kita

We run for 2013 member of the Metropolitan assembly election that is a graduate from Waseda University politics department of economics from Kita-ku from local Kita-ku in 1983 and win for the first time 
Leave appointment to the "meeting Tokyo member of the Metropolitan assembly corps of the Tokyo residents first" first generation chief secretary in October; denomination "shine Tokyo" establishment

Journalist Tetsuo Suzuki

As TV reporter, it is free through TOKYO MX, Fuji TV politics department, Japanese broadcasting satellite news chief of the bureau
We have wide acquaintances by coverage activity of Nagatacho for 25 years regardless of the ruling and opposition parties

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February 17, 2018

Saturday, February 17 guest performer

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member Shun Otokita

Journalist Tetsuo Suzuki

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