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We treated mainly on politics, economic news, but will handle wider topic including "social problem" "imminent life material" "culture" in future until now.
In addition, we widen width of news to handle to magazine, net as well as newspaper and pick up the timely material which is interested in audience more.
We ask as much as Atsushi Tamura wants to ask sharp commentator and others about news ranging from politics to the life material and cut to hardliner!

October 14, 2017

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Theme of October 14

Do you do "savings of the old age?"

  • 1.We do enough  
  • 2.We do, but are uneasy  
  • 3.We do not do  

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October 14, 2017

We thoroughly inspect how much the old age of guest economic analyst Gen Yamazaki, financial planner Mizuho Iwaki ▽ you needs! Social security budget that continues increasing by every aging more than 500 billion yen a year naturally! Is help of country unreliable? Problem of future money to think about by oneself! ▽General election that how Lower House election public announcement turns out! ▽Is it economic recovery expectation by update at country and high price for the first time in responsibility judgment ▽ Tokyo Stock Exchange approximately 21 years to detect of TEPCO in nuclear power generation suit? ▽Crowd funding that U.S. forces copter is Okinawa, and destruction by fire ▽ new Kunitachi suicide workmen's accident hears plan all the time in "crowd funding to learn from the basics" these days in authorized ▽ latter half. It is commented by the basics not to listen to now! As much as ▽ Atsushi Tamura wants to ask company which we collected for 100 million yen time in kurafan!

Guest commentator

Economic analyst Gen Yamazaki

After graduating from University of Tokyo department of economics from Hokkaido in 1958, we experience 12 times of changes of job after employment in Mitsubishi Corporation
Researcher Rakuten securities Economic Research Institute honorary member Mai benchmark representative

Financial planner Mizuho Iwaki

We are active as free-lance announcer via Keio school organized by contributions university graduate NHK Matsuyama broadcasting station for 14 years
We become independent as financial planner via seminar lecturer, life insurer in 2009

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October 14, 2017

Saturday, October 14 guest performer

Economic analyst Gen Yamazaki
Financial planner Mizuho Iwaki

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