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This program is ... Young entertainer shows trouble by short conte!
It is shopping entertainment program to introduce product to by light talk.


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In DC62, possibility is light weight, compact and powerful cordless cleaner cleaning of cleaning of every floor, high place as stick cleaner.


dyson DC62 (mail order model)
42, 984 yen (tax-included)

[TOKYO MX-limited]
Diamond purchases around New York Mumbai.
We chose good diamond of brightness and studied hard by superior craftsman.

Attributive quality

Takashimaya necklace three points set
10, 778 yen (tax-included)
dyson DC62 (mail order model)
42, 984 yen (tax-included)
Body Make Seat "Style"
8, 424 yen (tax-included)
V up Shay is soft-headed
7, 179 yen (tax-included)
Takashimaya 0.5ct diamond pendant three points set
53, 784 yen (tax-included)
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