Mirumiru milky
Mirumiru milky
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Mirumiru milky

M Cass-adaptive program
Saturday from 22:30 to 23:00 [again] Sunday from 11:00 to 11:30
Broadcast was finished.
Program introductionProgram introduction
We memorialize the Bushiroad tenth anniversary, and "mirumiru milky" revives once again!

"Milky holmes" which is about to boil animation, game, live and the media again, and unfolds. This program is variety program challenging plan that the member varies in order that voice actor unit "milky holmes" conveys charm of "milky holmes" and increases "milk Ann" (milky holmes fan).

In the one where TOKYO MX is not seen in
We can watch in M Cass in real time of the whole country!
M Cass HP is this! ⇒ http://mcas.jp/

●Formal HP is this●

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The cast staffThe cast staff
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Mimori suzuko
Sora Tokui
Mikoi Sasaki
Kitta Izumi
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