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Do you warm rice ball?


February 24, 2018 broadcast

All members are at a loss for words with Tokyo guidance shock Chinese food of conquest second lap Tokyo edition (3) Oizumi of the whole country! ○○○? of cow

New sense food variety that TEAM NACKS combination of Yo Oizumi and Shigeyuki Bekki and "pig family" of Mami Sato keep eating all over Japan. I send Tokyo edition this time. As for the sad advertising trip to Oklahoma (Shinya Kono, Hitoshi Fujio) without passing over!

For five weeks from February 10 to March 4, I send "conquest second lap Tokyo edition broadcasted in Hokkaido in 2010 of the whole country". Please enjoy good old Oizumi, Bekki!

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Yo Oizumi, Shigeyuki Bekki, Hiroyuki Morisaki (TEAM NACS: team NAC), Shinya Kono, Hitoshi Fujio (Oklahoma) Satomi Murooka, Takahashi spring flower (HTB announcer)


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