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You grasp, and do you warm?


November 25, 2017 broadcast

Trip to Takahashi hole Sapporo new shop circumference! (3) Sapporo new shop circulation new sense gyoza strange event matter outbreak? In Mr. regret on earth what?

Takahashi hole and "trip around Sapporo new shop" to go for! Pig family who attacks well-known store of Sapporo that opened after 2016. After, for lek, having been hungry; is true meal with ramen of new sense full of shellfish soup stock! And, by talk in the car, we introduce Hokkaido accent where Hiroshi disgraced himself/herself by play! Fact of people of Hokkaido surprise?

"Trip of Oklahoma Hokkaido GPS art."
Fujio who leaves the Sea of Japan by ship to outline of "friendship of rice ball!" Do Northern Hokkaido, Teshio-cho at start point; and route to 2-day Otaru. Okay, we depart from Teshio Port! With Yes, "baptism of the sea" is ... in attacking Fujio promptly?

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Yo Oizumi, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Hiroyuki Morizaki (TEAM NACS: team Nac), Shinya Kawano, Hitoshi Fujio (Oklahoma) Satomi Murooka, Takahashi spring flower (HTB announcer)


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