May 26, 2018 broadcast

Specialty of trip to Miyagi (5) Minamisanriku is slimy! Kesennuma hormone of faint in agony!

"Trip to Miyagi" MC is Mami Sato. It is shabu-shabu with the finest seaweed popular in Minamisanriku. We are shocked by slimy feeling and taste of seaweed! Furthermore, we are surprised at "sankomeshi" of new noted product! To the finest hormone shop which moved to Kesennuma, and was visited afterwards approximately nine years ago! It is impression for peculiar how to eat!

"Trip of Oklahoma Hokkaido GPS art." Kono who draws "ma" near Hokuryu-cho. Letter which we played by appearance of savior who did not expect for approximately one year is ... to completion. Engine fully opening? We overlook Kono of this! !

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Yo Oizumi, Shigeyuki Bekki, Hiroyuki Morisaki (TEAM NACS: team NAC), Shinya Kono, Hitoshi Fujio (Oklahoma) Satomi Murooka, Takahashi spring flower (HTB announcer)


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