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Broadcast was finished.

Animation "ryuonooshigoto!" Shogi variety that Rina Hidaka who hina crane fits, and is appearing on this as position sends with fair sex shogi player.
We listen only structure and here of title war of shogi world including "Ryuo"? We send this and that concerning shogi including episode!

Broadcast information
The twelfth March 26, 2018 broadcast
Theme of <this time…"ryuonooshigoto! > to look back on ... kansosen ...

Program which we sent for three months is finally the last inning! It is shogi which Mr. Kagawa told and is shogi world until now…We look back some other time. We are glad if you can come to like shogi to all of you even a little. Broadcast of program becomes the end, but let's meet somewhere if there is opportunity again!

Past broadcast
© Shiro Shiratori, SB creative / ryuonooshigoto! Production Committee
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