SS - Shinjuku Style ...
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SS - Shinjuku Style ...

M Cass-adaptive program
Thursday from 28:30 to 29:00
Broadcast informationBroadcast information
Program introductionProgram introduction
There is Homo sapiens what's called thing which is so many men, so many minds, multinational in "Shinjuku-ku" giving off person, conspicuousness while "Tokyo" attracts attention by the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 all over the world!
As for culture and the fashion, the custom that it can produce simply because it is such Shinjuku, there are many contents which can be interested in not only we Japanese citizens but also people of the world.
Therefore we swell by talk with performer of studio while seeing "plain figure" of "Shinjuku" by this program.

The world>Japan>Tokyo>Shinjuku
Town where world states were condensed in Shinjuku
The cast staffThe cast staff
[MC] Daisuke Naito
[assistant] Inamori beauty A
[people of S] At Takada Aoi, Article 1 Hikaru, Ayana Nishinaga, heart of bear, Nagai violet, the forelock sun, shinkakiyoshi*, shinkore ♂ Tomoya, prevalent flow night, finish Nancy, forest Mio, and endure, and see; Hakuraku, Randy o, god of beauty kakeru, rinyugen, *yushi, *i ★Beautiful pig others