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Heated argument! Sunday CROSS

Heated argument CROSS

"How should Japan be opposite to Russia?"
Masahisa Sato (Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Councilors, Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs)
Masahisa Sato <span> (Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Councilors, Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs) </span>
It was born in Fukushima for 1,960 years. After Defense Academy graduation, we work as land self-defense official. We successively hold Parliamentary Secretary of Defense, Manager of LDP national defense section, House of Councilors diplomacy defense chairperson.
Mitsuhiro Kimura (Representative one Mizue)
Mitsuhiro Kimura <span> (Representative one Mizue) </span>
It was born in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo for 1,956 years. We are a graduate from the Keio University law department. We take office as representative from Secretary-General one Mizue, 2000 in 1992.

Today's guest

  • Kent Gilbert
    (California lawyer)

    It was born in 1952. We are from Utah, U.S. We acquire legal affairs doctorate and Master of Business Administration in Brigham Young University Graduate School. It is more than 40 years resident in Japan. We work on writing, lecture on a large number of themes including the Japan-U.S. relationship.

  • Miki Otaka

    Ferris University graduation. We roam about higher than of the world in 100 countries. We interview late Chairperson Arafat of PLO in Dalai Lama XIV and karumapa 17th, Taiwanese Li Tengu-hui former President, Palestinian Gaza Strip. In addition, Kabul infiltrates by the issue of Afghan alone in 98 of the Taliban height of prosperity and announces infiltration reportage to Bungeishunju Ltd., AERA.

  • Constantine sarukisofu
    (Yamanashi Gakuin University's emeritus professor)

    In 1966, we graduate from former Soviet Union St. Petersburg national university Orient department Japan subject. We work to date afterward in Institute for Russian Academy of Sciences Oriental studies. Japanology center's director is held an additional post of besides Special Counsel now, too. We act as the chairperson of Japanese workshop in Russia and are familiar with relations of Japan and Russia (former Soviet Union). We participate in program of solution to the problem of the four northern Islands which Harvard University planned in 1992 as Russian representative.