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Heated argument! Sunday CROSS

Heated argument CROSS

"How is Japan opposite to North Korea of nuclear power?"
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Hideshi Takesada (Takushoku University specially appointed professor)
Hideshi Takesada <span> (Takushoku University specially appointed professor) </span>
It was born in Hyogo for 1,949 years. Keio University Graduate School completion. We work at Ministry of Defense National Institute for Defense Studies as instructor for 36 years. We act as Korean northeastern Asian International Institute for Strategic Studies honorary member researchers.
Ko Young-Ki (daily NK Japan's chief editor)
Ko Young-Ki <span> (daily NK Japan's chief editor) </span>
It was born in Osaka for 1,966 years. We enter Kansai University from Osaka Korea High School. We are active as freelance journalist mainly on problem in North Korea.

Today's guest

  • Tomoyuki Isoyama
    (economic journalist)

    We successively hold many important posts in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and are independent. We are collecting data on matsurigoto, fortune, bureaucrats mainly on economic policy widely.

  • Fi-fi

    Egyptian native place. We are playing an active part as commentator of TV radio. In book to "society called Japan which cannot say strange thing", "is strange"

  • hodokoshikotsune
    (Associate Professor at Kyushu University Graduate School)

    It was born in Fukuoka-shi for 1,971 years. We are a graduate from the Keio University law department. Doctoral degree course in Keio University Graduate School law graduate course completion. Political idea, political theory specialty.