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Heated argument! Sunday CROSS

Heated argument CROSS

"Japanese Populism"
Please send opinion of all of you to Twitter, hashtag "# cross"!
Susumu Nishibe (commentator, every other month "depicter" advisor)
Susumu Nishibe <span> (commentator, every other month "depicter" advisor) </span>
It was born in Hokkaido for 1,939 years. University of Tokyo department of economics graduation. Recent work "person from fashisuta tarantoshita"
TOKYO MX "Susumu Nishibe seminar" chairmanship.

Today's guest

  • Suguru Seo
    (Kodansha first business advertisement manager)

    In the weekly present age, we play an active part in FRIDAY, monthly modern editorial department. We are challenging on-line next-generation journalism now.

  • Morii order
    (certified public accountant, licensed tax accountant)

    After high school leaving school in midcourse, we study in the United States. Afterwards to certified public accountant. As single mother, we are struggling for child care.

  • kotanikeiko

    Specialty domain is the Internet, net maintenance, media, animation criticism. Recent work "study" of "system having a strong consciousness"


Is typhoon 21 direct hit by the Lower House election? #Cross # monikuro
Person who knows revelation  
[great diffusion] #Party # Japan Restoration Party #NHK # Nippon Television # TV Asahi #TBS # TV Tokyo # Shinzo Abe # constitutionalism Democratic Party # Communist Party # Social Democratic Party # cross of LDP # Komeito # hope
I am against Article 9 Clause 2 deletion even if not at the mercy of the United States. Even if think about international contribution by different method, and open; strictly defensive only national security policy. The nation of other countries does not want to dare injure. #Cross
Even if person insisting on Article 9 Clause 2 deletion is required by the United States, does Japan think original judgment that there is for free and unbiased policy? Possibly there may be different. #Cross
kon which does not become of Yong of Shizuoka  
RT @loveyassy: At list of casts 17th Tuesday 05:00 - #tbsradio "good morning straight line of Hiroshi Ikushima" of audience rating week 24:00 on - #fmyokohama "is unbearable #AOR847" 20th on Friday at 07:00 on ... "morning # cross" 21st on Saturday at 09:20 ... of "KNIGHTS…
RT suruhito  
@We would like opinion about # internal reserves taxation of Mr. commentator # Hidetomi Tanaka once again on terastaff [#tera1134] Tuesday! ◆#radiko # mosate #mstv # monikuro # cross
Tamaki Hishiro  
Moritomo Kake problem dissolution. Therefore is it which protects important family who helps if it is friend natural? 〝 squire 〟 of toiu sense of values can perform sticking up for the underdog to Abe. #Is cross "ambition of the Abe Administration" ze; which will be there as for the election issues?
Why is oneself against Article 9 Clause 2 deletion? One of the reasons is because Japan thinks that it is American yes-man. This is because it thinks that it is country not to be able to decline with saying if required by the United States. This is because it thinks that it was able to stop somehow because there is Clause 2 until now. #Cross
RT @dctfreak: We arrive official residence ago. Row of protest lengthens steadily. #keyo # cross where push takes in front of 0925 official residences
Firewood irregularity Rika  
RT: "Suicide class teachers are repeated in sufferings of teacher from scolding" average 2 in "news CROSS" on Tuesday, October 17; beef car conflict concern is attention # cross for "passive smoking Japan and the United States economy talks resumption, <patients with lung cancer to act> one of three to birth in the workplace" in "world's youngest prime minister" Austria, too