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"Why does it continue becoming complicated? Japan-Korea relations" (provisionally)
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Yoshiro Kamijima (journalist)
Yoshiro Kamijima <span> (journalist) </span>
It was born in Nagano for 1,958 years. Mt. Ehime Tatematsu south graduation from high school. Sankei newspaper publisher enters the company through freelance in 91. We successively hold "separate volume just argument" chief editor, "monthly just argument" chief editor. Leave Sankei newspaper publisher now; and journalist.
Kenji Sato (commentator)
Kenji Sato <span> (commentator) </span>
It was born in Tokyo for 1,966 years. We are a graduate from University of Tokyo college of liberal arts. We win Agency for Cultural Affairs theatrical art original encouragement special prize in drama "broken Japanese". In every other month "depicter criterion" of "therefore space in the world publish joke" serially.