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 The twelfth night
(May 09, 2017 broadcast)
The second of collection of roar of laughter making. Extra of ruddy face flocks in hiding place of secret society of neo-evil? Is fantastic fight scene that Daimon who became directly-controlled fief of a feudal lord devoted the life to child at any age for some reason? Innocent Akira 3 running fire! It is full of episodes of gem to display nado, the series last and sends.

Intro program introduction

We arrange Yo Oizumi, and actor of office CUE appears including five and Takayuki Suzui of drama group "TEAM NACS" having wannabe toward the whole country as well as Hokkaido all-out now.
It is series that is full of charm to show seriousness as "actor" that they are main professions.

It is movie director, and "how about on Wednesday", and Takayuki Suzui and Yo Oizumi, also known as familiar Mister, Akira Yasuda are in charge of plan, script of each work by turns.
We invite to new kind of laughter by severe challenge drama in the backside without roar of laughter mistake and novel drama setting that we groan without thinking "is it MAGI?" and raise with.
A lot of full tears can laugh at "gong rose"!

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