Tokyo audition (provisionally)

Every Monday from 26:40 to 27:10 broadcast

Of mystery! Are you greatest in this century?

... that "Tokyo audition (kari)" is carried out

Owners of a certain talent character that fought successfully through qualifier
We hang own possibility and dream and develop fierce promotion battle.

Using technique to perform live broadcast, commentary of such a design,
It is audition type variety show that drew charm of entertainer letting you feel next break to the maximum!

Regular judge: MALIA.
Host, progress: Eiji Shibata (untouchable)

Program formula HP & SNS

■Formal HP
Audition application, inquiry is this
Tokyo audition (provisionally)

M Cass-adaptive program

Program which we are broadcasting now

mx1 From 27:00 to 27:30
General program ... of door - horror, mysterious phenomenon of ikai
mx2 From 27:00 to 27:30