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Venture Koshien where high school girl challenges

Sunday, December 17, 2017 from 21:30 to 22:00

Camera adheres to challenge of high school student jumping into the world of business!

We sell local special product by school festival in the fifth metropolitan commercial high school in Kunitachi-shi!
However, high school student oneself product which we chose is not readily sold….
Strategy to convey charm of product?

Furthermore, students challenge business plan grand prix "venture Koshien" of high school student!
We plan "hanger which can coordinate with hanging clothes" and face presentation!

On the other hand, we learn business through "town planning" in metropolitan turf commercial high school close to Hamamatsucho Station!
High school girls pay attention to there being few young generations in hometown, Takeshiba district!
We show idea like youth including discount system that utilized SNS! Professional reaction of town planning?

Woman president who made company at 17 years old appears in studio! We send Yale to youths!

Offer: Tokyo