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Infiltration! The backside of Tokyo marathon

Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 21:29 to 22:00

We pay attention to stagehand supporting Tokyo marathon carried out this time on February 25 behind the scenes!
Tokyo marathon of 2018 when approximately 36,000 runners participated.
It is volunteer that every place plays an active part of venue to support this BIC event behind the scenes!

Guest is two people and "Kayo Noro" of "triple time" secondary to the last time. Atsushi Ikushima of sports journalist.

11,000 volunteers are coherence infiltration coverage for leaders of the participating inside becoming mediator really!
Recruitment of 600 experienced leaders leads and is performed and is made to carry on our shoulder for role by the day.
We chase a success leading role of shadow of Tokyo marasonto to reach!
In addition, with volunteer power that guest journalist Atsushi Ikushima reported at home and abroad and saw….

Offer: Tokyo