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Look for super rare thing of Tokyo!

Sunday, October 22, 2017 from 19:30 to 19:58

Shinobu Machida knowing a lot about zunnoyasusanga general public culture and visiting precious buildings in Tokyo!

It is unrelated super mansion with general public to have come first!
Josiah Conder called "father of Japanese modern architecture" designs,
Residence where eldest son, Kyuya Iwasaki of the Mitsubishi founder lived in!
There is value of seeing in far superior gorgeousness more than imagination!

Besides, European-style building where makkerebu lived in propagator who loved Japan deeply more than 30 years
Rare construction including school building of school which Frank Lloyd light designed comes up one after another!

In addition, in studio
Machida including ticket of Beatles visit to Japan performance shows valuable collection!
30 minutes when are full of super rare quality! Unmissable!

Offer: Tokyo