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Past broadcast

May 23, 2018
#Fumiko Ito who works as elderly person by power of 111 "welfare" beauty well
May 16, 2018
#Shimokita star flower facing children in a certain nursery school in 110 "welfare" park
May 9, 2018
#Kiko Takada who supports independence of person with impaired 109 "welfare"
May 2, 2018
#Yamada eyes which send smile to user of nursing facility by power of 108 "welfare" music
April 25, 2018
#Akihiro Nakamura who works on development of 107 "Komazawa OLYMPIC Park" healthy menu
April 18, 2018
#Maya Ito who works on improvement of 106 "Komazawa OLYMPIC Park" disaster prevention awareness
April 11, 2018
#*denyomi which supports 105 "Komazawa OLYMPIC Park" sporting event
April 4, 2018
#Sasaya chapter which hands down glory of 104 "Komazawa OLYMPIC Park" Tokyo Olympics
March 28, 2018
#Hiromi Iizuka who leads 103 "metropolitan libraries" children to the world of pleasant book
March 21, 2018
#Kazuyuki Togashi who conveys the world of 102 "metropolitan libraries" deep magazine
March 14, 2018
#Minako Nishida who conveys 101 "metropolitan libraries" historical document in defense now
March 7, 2018
#Yuka Konishi who listens to every 100 "metropolitan libraries" question, and finds necessary information
February 28, 2018
#Jinichi Handa who supports debut of 99 "Toei Asakusa Line" new model vehicle
February 21, 2018
#Naoya Yanagisawa who supports normal service of 98 "Toei Asakusa Line" Asakusa Line
February 14, 2018
#Tsutomu Kuramochi who supports security of 97 "Toei Asakusa Line" track
February 7, 2018
#Koichi Tsutsumitani to be driver of 96 "Toei Asakusa Line" Toei Asakusa Line
January 31, 2018
#Tomohiro Hosoi who supports food supplier in study of 95 "agriculture and forestry fishery support" Bacillus natto
January 24, 2018
#We make 94 "agriculture and forestry fishery support" forest and support forestry Yuki Hatanaka
January 17, 2018
#Momoko Nagao who pours passion for study of 93 "agriculture and forestry fishery support" river fish
January 10, 2018
#Tatsuo Okazawa who colors Tokyo of 92 "agriculture and forestry fishery support" summer with flower resisting heat
December 27, 2017
#Shinichi Hoshino toward the garden that is beautiful by 91 "Inokashira nature culture garden" security
December 20, 2017
#Takashi Kifune who stares at life of creature living in 90 "Inokashira nature culture garden" waterside
December 13, 2017
#Naoko Kitamura who creates warmth in 89 "Inokashira nature culture garden" garden by design
December 6, 2017
#Mizuki Karasawa who keeps alive herself of 88 "Inokashira nature culture garden" Tsushima lynx
November 29, 2017
#Yoshimasa Nakamura who assists for robot development of 87 "industry technologies" medium and small-sized business
November 22, 2017
#Akiya Ueno who supports the spot of manufacturing with power of 86 "industry technologies" design
November 15, 2017
#Hiroyuki Oshima who supports manufacturing utilized characteristic of 85 "industry technologies" human being
November 8, 2017
#Akiko Okada who sends 84 "industry technologies" textiles good quality off in the life
November 1, 2017
#Yuki Yamauchi who supports manufacturing of company with 83 "industry technologies" 3D printer
October 25, 2017
#Osamu Iwasaki who prevents damage of 82 "river of Tokyo" earth and sand disasters
October 18, 2017
#Maki Sakae who brings new turnout in 81 "rivers of Tokyo" waterside
October 11, 2017
#Takao Ueno who makes waterside with moisture with 80 "rivers of Tokyo" security
October 4, 2017
#ritsu*entai which protects 79 "river of Tokyo" Tokyo from flood
September 27, 2017
#Terumasa Nomura who opens 78 "Miyakejima" island gurashino door
September 20, 2017
#Kyohei Takahashi who challenges 77 "Miyakejima" high school student and new sports
September 13, 2017
#Yoshihiro Horii who supports fishery of 76 "Miyakejima" Miyakejima
September 6, 2017
#Rio Ishii who maintains beautiful cityscape of 75 "Miyakejima" Miyakejima
August 30, 2017
#74 Hiroshi Takakura who "is green with mountain", and pushes forward planting of native species
August 23, 2017
#73 Koichi Baba who "is green with mountain", and conveys charm of Mount Mitake
August 16, 2017
#72 Ryo Nomura who "is green with mountain", and works on maintenance of village forest
August 9, 2017
#71 Koichi Arai who "is green with mountain", and supports mountain cottage of the Tokyo highest peak
August 2, 2017
#70 Mayu Tabata who "is green with mountain", and protects security and nature of mountain climbing visitor
July 26, 2017
#Satoshi Matsumura who carries creature of the seas of the world to 69 "Kasai seaside aquatic animal garden" aquatic animal garden
July 19, 2017
#Kentaro Amamiya who sends the sea to people who cannot come to 68 "Kasai seaside aquatic animal garden" aquatic animal garden
July 12, 2017
#Madoka Yoshizawa who takes care of creatures of 67 "Kasai seaside aquatic animal garden" sea
July 5, 2017
#Daiki Nojima who supports 66 "Kasai seaside aquatic animal garden" Kasai seaside aquatic animal garden
June 28, 2017
#Miwa Echigoya who raised 65 "TOKYO where woman shined" with Tokyo's first winery
June 21, 2017
#Mihara Mutsu pushing forward the making of 64 "TOKYO where woman shines" with environment that is easy to act comes
June 14, 2017
#Shino Nakahara who works in 63 "TOKYO where woman shines" with new nursery school
June 7, 2017
#Yuriko Koike who makes power for society where 62 "TOKYO where woman shines" with women win
May 31, 2017
#Kana Haba who tells about 61 "sewers" sewer clearly
May 24, 2017
#Tetsuya Okajima who conveys information of 60 "sewers" rain in real time
May 17, 2017
#Mikio Yokoyama who effectively utilizes 59 "sewers" energy
May 10, 2017
#Hiroko Asakura who manages 58 "sewers" quality of the water
May 3, 2017
#Satoru Furusawa who works on 57 "sewers" inundation measures
April 26, 2017
#The Kato Tomo beauty to reproduce 56 "artisan of Tokyo" armor faithfully
April 19, 2017
#Former Mitsuo Yamada who revivifies 55 "artisans of Tokyo" broken clock
April 12, 2017
#Koikko Matsuzaki who records life on 54 "artisan of Tokyo" Japanese dolls
April 5, 2017
#Naomichi Nakata in pursuit of the skill of 53 "artisans of Tokyo" artisan
March 29, 2017
#52 "health crisis control"
"Examination for pesticide residue" Tokyo health security research center food chemistry club remaining material graduate course chief scientist Kenji Otsuka
March 22, 2017
#51 "health crisis control"
"Examination of food poisoning" Tokyo health security research center microbe part food microbe study director Akihiko Hirai
March 15, 2017
#50 "health crisis control"
Department of "radioactivity measurement" Tokyo health security research center pharmaceutical affair environmental science environmental hygiene graduate course chief scientist Satoko Fujie
March 8, 2017
#49 "health crisis control"
"Medical botanical garden" Tokyo health security research center medical use botanical garden chief scientist Ko Nakamura
March 1, 2017
#48 "health crisis control"
"Food hygiene monitoring" Tokyo health security research center food monitoring Lesson 2 HACCP instruction charge Mika Machidori
February 22, 2017
#47 "roads"
"City engineering works" Tokyo Metro railroad headquarters improvement Construction Department Takeshi Koriyama
February 15, 2017
#46 "roads"
"Tokyo gate bridge construction" Hitachi Zosen Corporation society infrastructure business headquarters iron posture, bridge part group long Kohei Nakajima
February 8, 2017
#45 "roads"
"Road sign production" Nohara Sangyo Nasu factory Manufacturing Department Yoshihiko Fuse
February 1, 2017
#44 "roads"
"Road pavement" Tokyo engineering works technological assistance, personnel training center road environment support charge Junichi Minegishi
January 25, 2017
#43 "Olympics Paralympics"
"Uniform mark processing" N S Kay echo mark manager Koji Aikyo
January 18, 2017
#42 "Olympics Paralympics"
Association of "top athlete excavation, upbringing business" Tokyo boat reinforcement general manager Kohei Hamanaka
January 11, 2017
#41 "Olympics Paralympics"
"Cyborg" Xiborg representative director Ken Endo
January 4, 2017
#40 "Olympics Paralympics"
"Tokyo person with a disability sports complex" Tokyo person with a disability sports complex sports support section Hiroki Mochinaga
December 28, 2016
#39 "firefighting"
"Firefighting technology security place" Tokyo Fire Department firefighting technology security place firefighting Development Section Keiko Aoki
December 21, 2016
#38 "firefighting"
Captain of "color garfish" Tokyo Fire Department color garfish corps Ozawa eyes
December 14, 2016
#37 "firefighting"
"Ladder stoker" Meguro fire department ladder kisekiin髙kyo*ri
December 7, 2016
#36 "firefighting"
"Emergency captain" prince fire department Article 10 branch office first aid captain Asami Suzuki
November 30, 2016
#35 "culture"
"TOKYO delight in elegant pursuits festival" Tokyo art university design course's professor Keiichiro Fujisaki
November 23, 2016
#34 "culture"
"Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography" Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography curator Satomi Fujimura
November 16, 2016
#33 "culture"
"Sum drum" sum tambour sound way party
November 9, 2016
#32 "culture"
"Tokyo art theater" Tokyo art theater sound charge Koichi Ishimaru
November 2, 2016
#31 "culture"
"Tokyo Cultural Center" Tokyo Cultural Center business plan section manager Naoko Kaji
October 26, 2016
#30 "islands of Tokyo"
Director at "Niijima glass art" Niijima glass art center Osamu Noda
October 19, 2016
#29 "islands of Tokyo"
"Niijima agriculture" Niijima-mura agricultural cooperative long Kokichi Onuma
October 12, 2016
#28 "islands of Tokyo"
"Oshima camellia oil production" Tsubaki camellia oil product chief Genki Fukui
October 5, 2016
#27 "islands of Tokyo"
"Oshima geo-guide" global nature club Oshima, Izu Geopark authorization guide Kana Nishitani
September 28, 2016
#Haruhiko Kurino who makes building which does not lose for 26 "disaster prevention" major earthquake either
September 21, 2016
#Koji Suzuki who supports disaster prevention of 25 "disaster prevention" area
September 14, 2016
#Masashi Kanno who maintains 24 "disaster prevention" disaster prevention park
September 7, 2016
#Takahiro Fukushima who cooks 23 "disaster prevention" delicious food to keep for a long time
August 31, 2016
#Katsuhisa Ishikawa who watches the Tokyo Port from 22 "Tokyo Port" sea
August 24, 2016
#Akihiro Tanaka who supports security of 21 "Tokyo Port" big ship
August 17, 2016
#Tetsuro Hagiyama who cleans the sea of 20 "Tokyo Port" Tokyo
August 10, 2016
#Hiroyuki Nakano who handles 19 "Tokyo Port" huge crane
August 3, 2016
#Yasuaki Kurihara who commands 18 "Tokyo Port" container loading and unloading
July 27, 2016
#Hirokazu Noda who diffuses 17 "energy" hydrogen energy
July 20, 2016
#Tomoyuki Hidaka who supports 16 "energy" underground heat utilization
July 13, 2016
#Hiroharu Inomata who makes electricity from 15 "energy" waste
July 6, 2016
#Kenji Inagaki who works on the spread of 14 "energy" photovoltaic power generation
June 29, 2016
#usuijikei which makes water pipe which does not lose for 13 "Tokyo Channel" disaster
June 22, 2016
#12 "Tokyo Channel" Yasuhiro Shimizu who sends Wednesday without a break
June 15, 2016
#Hiroyuki Arakawa who makes delicious Wednesday with 11 "Tokyo Channel" security
June 8, 2016
#Junkichi Morooka who follows water jar of 10 "Tokyo Channel" Tokyo
June 1, 2016
#Hiroki Takahashi who protects 9 "Tokyo Channel" water source
May 25, 2016
#Masaomi Yamada who designs vehicle in 8 "Yurikamome" next generation
May 18, 2016
#7 "Yurikamome" Norihiro Nitta who faces user every day
May 11, 2016
#Takashi Takagi who supports 6 "Yurikamome" safe service
May 4, 2016
#Masayoshi Aizawa who commands in 5 "Yurikamome" core
April 27, 2016
#4 "Hibiya Park" chef de cuisine Tadahiro Nishikawa
April 20, 2016
#The concierge Ko Kikkawa right of 3 "Hibiya Park" green
April 13, 2016
#Nobuhiro Nagashima who follows water regime of 2 "Hibiya Park" park
April 6, 2016
#Specialist in 1 "Hibiya Park" tree Akira Kobayashi

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