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 It is "-ONLINE-deonajiminokonnosukega sword boisterous dance"
We jump out of game, and it be said, "you are big, you do not come, be not crowded"
Trip program which visits famous sword.
 Voice actors of sword man person navigate.

Sunday, March 26, 2017 broadcast
#12 "lion kings"

Is big; do not come; be not crowded

<the narration>
Ryota Osaka

It is the Tokyo National Museum of Tokyo, Ueno that it came in the last inning "to comb that it is big do not come". We introduce sword "lion King" of important cultural property thought to be product by swordmaker of terminal Yamato in the Heian era. Military commander, Yorimasa Minamotono exterminates nue (sew) which disturbed town, and it is said that we were granted than the Emperor as reward. "Narration turn" to navigate is voice actor, Ryota Aisaka playing "sword boisterous dance in-ONLINE-" de *kooyaku.

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Delivery information

Tuesday, January 10 12:00 start

We deliver two episodes in a mass only in the start first time at 12:00 on Wednesday, January 25

Tuesday, January 31 12:00 start once a month update (compile four episodes)

Thursday, February 2 00:00 start

※We may be changed at time

*News * of event

Event holding is decided in AnimeJapan 2017!

The date and time: Sunday, March 26, 2017 14:50 ...
Place: TOKYO MX booth (east 2 hall)
Contents: We hold special talk event by production team.
Is what big, do not come, being transparent comes over!
Casts: Big uncrowded dejitarou (nitro plus) which does not come, OK interval (nitro plus),
Yoshida Takafumi (direction), Junpei Ishihara (direction)
Privilege: Available

(C)2015-2017 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus 

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