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 It is "-ONLINE-deonajiminokonnosukega sword boisterous dance"
We jump out of game, and it be said, "you are big, you do not come, be not crowded"
Trip program which visits famous sword.
 Voice actors of sword man person navigate.

M Cass-adaptive program
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Friday, October 20, 2017 broadcast
#3 "Kenshin Kagemitsu"

Is big; do not come; be not crowded

<the narration>
Yonaga Tsubasa

It is Yonezawa-shi Uesugi Museum by temporary exhibition that it gathered swords of the Uesugis transmission held secondary to the last time that it came "to comb that it is big do not come". We introduce national treasure "knife Kenshin Kagemitsu" said to that there was the name because Kenshin Uesugi does not separate the body, and he had. In one of them which swordmaker, Kagemitsu of Bizen Osafune group forged in the Kamakura era, gorgeous pattern on the sword blade is characteristic of the regular skin. "Narration turn" to navigate is voice actor, Yonaga wing playing "sword boisterous dance in-ONLINE-" de kenshinkeikoyaku.

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