Of pakkun & Mayuko Kawakita gather! VR friends
Of pakkun & Mayuko Kawakita gather! VR friends
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Of pakkun & Mayuko Kawakita gather! VR friends

M Cass-adaptive program
Friday from 20:00 to 20:30
Broadcast was finished.
Broadcast informationBroadcast information
Program introductionProgram introduction
VR (virtual reality) which was attention keyword of 2016.
We aim at 2020, and programming education required subject in elementary school is new kids program which stimulates "creativity of child" by touching the world such as "virtual reality" "programming" "engineering" through the highest VR simulation software while becoming is examined.

Patrick Harlan and Mayuko Kawakita who show achievement that it is bilingual together to act as MC, and is multi-.
Make aerial city with children, and run roller coaster in the center of Shibuya; and ...
We aim at contents overflowing in "idea" "expression" "intellectual power". We mention three-dimensional real-time virtual reality and stimulate "feeling to want to study" in spite of being pleasure in parent and child in peace.
The cast staffThe cast staff
Patrick Harlan
Mayuko Kawakita
VR kids (branch dragon star, Momoka Okamoto, Tsubasa Makino)

[the narration]
Fuka Haruna
[OP music] We are VR friends! (Negicco)
[ED music] Have A Nice Day (MAM)