2006, July 27.
We were born by hand of artist, Takashi Murakami,
Character of TOKYO MX.
It is ... in opening and closing, station ID
Did everybody see several kinds?

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Animation of the 20th anniversary

Tokyo metropolitan television (TOKYO MX) reaches the opening of an office 20th anniversary on November 1, 2015. To celebrate it, we made animation of version of the 20th anniversary of "yumeraion". Please see by all means.

Animation according to yumeraionno Monday

May, 2015 Kintaro edition
June, 2015 demon's lantern march
July, 2015 frog
August, 2015 ghost edition
September, 2015 god of the wind god of thunder edition

yumeraionno animation

Station ID A
Station ID B

Wall surface noyumeraion

Wall surface noyumeraion
We stare at the Imperial Palace

Do you know that there are dream and others of silver in wall surface of Hanzomon media center with TOKYO MX and is made mild-mannered and refined setting? When run in Uchibori Street along the Imperial Palace by car from the Diet area, and others are dream watching us; mild-mannered and refined ken raremasu. Please check when you are in the neighborhood.


It is enshrined by yumeraion, Versailles palace!

It is enshrined by yumeraion, Versailles palace!
"Murakami Palace of Versailles exhibition"

Private exhibition of Takashi Murakami was carried out in Versailles palace of France.
Murakami was the first time that we held private exhibition on the stage of world heritage on behalf of France in Japanese, but yumeraionno sculpture was displayed, too.
Dream and others place that was, and performed mild-mannered and refined enshrining…?

We see video


Message from Takashi Murakami

It is message from Takashi Murakami who had yumeraionno birth be successful.

Message of Takashi Murakami is this